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About Career & Tech Ed

About Career & Technical Ed

Application and Enrollment

Career and Technical Education programs are available to students from Cleveland Heights/University Heights, Shaker Heights, and Warrensville Heights City Schools. Students interested in a Career and Technical Education program should see their home school counselor. The counselor will then make arrangements for the student to visit the program. Any questions should be directed to the student’s home school counselor, the Career Prep counselor, or the Career Prep program instructor. If the student is interested they would then fill out a Career Prep application* for the program.

During the time that students are in their Career and Technical Education program, they are treated as a Cleveland Heights/University Heights student until they leave school each day when the program ends. The students who will be on campus at Cleveland Heights High School will be provided with a CH/UH identification card for identification purposes. Each student is eligible to take part in any extra-curricular activities at his/her home school while enrolled in Career Prep programs.

The Tri-Heights Career Prep Consortium does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

Cleveland Heights High School Students

Cleveland Heights High School students should visit the program they are interested in, then the student should fill out an application and submit it to their guidance counselor or the Career Prep Counselor. After meeting with their guidance counselor they should choose their classes from the Program Planning Guide and mark their selection forms to reflect their Career and Technical Education program choices.*

Any questions or concerns at any time throughout the day should be directed to the Career and Technical Education Office at 216.320.3003, to the Career Prep Counselor at 216.320.3045, or to their small school counselor.

* Individual programs may have qualifying restrictions. (Attendance, tuberculosis test, Pre-requisite credits, grade point average, or an instructor interview may be required.) The Tri-Heights Career Prep Consortium does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. No student should refrain from submitting an application to a Career Prep program based on an inability to pay instructional fees.


Tri-Heights Career Prep Consortium students are provided transportation to their Career and Technical Education program location and back to their home school each day. A transportation schedule will be given to each student by their home district with the location and times of the pick-up and drop-off. Students should not drive to CHHS or to the Delisle Options Center since parking space is not available to students.

Students should make every effort to get to the buses before the departure time. Students who miss the provided transportation are responsible for their own means of getting to class or getting back to their home school. Students from Cleveland Heights High School must provide their own transportation to and/or from Warrensville Heights High School at the beginning or end of the school day for Graphic Communications.


Each student is expected to be in class every day. Attendance is taken daily in every Career and Technical Education classroom. Students must follow the appropriate school calendar of the school they attend. (Students who attend Cleveland Heights High School follow the Cleveland Heights High School calendar.) To excuse a student’s absence in his/her Career and Technical Education program, the parent/guardian is asked to call the following number at Heights High School: 216-320-3161.


Each Tri-Heights Career Prep Consortium student will be issued an identification card, which must be carried each day. When a student is written up for an infraction of school policy, a copy is sent to the home school. The home school then assigns the appropriate discipline. The Principals work together to insure uniformity of the rules. If problems persist, the student may be removed from their Career and Technical Education program, sent back to their home school, and returned to non-Career and Technical Education programming. The student will lose course credit in this event.

Certificate of Achievement

All students who satisfactorily complete the requirements of the course in which they are enrolled receive a certificate of completion.

Career Passport

Course completers who meet the requirements specified for credentialing in their program of study are eligible to receive a Career Passport. This document includes a resume, certificate of completion, Career and Technical Education Department endorsement letter, high school transcript, and Ohio Career Technical Competency Profile. This document is individualized and created by each student. It provides a very comprehensive summary of student work in their Career and Technical Education program.

Individual and Academic Career Plan (IACP)

Each student in the Tri-Heights Consortium has the opportunity to prepare an Individual Academic & Career Plan. This folder is a compilation of his/her credentials from grades 7 – 12. The IACP is a working file for each student that he/she can upgrade and add to at any time. Most IACP folders include a school transcript, a four-year planning guide, a resume, reference letters, and special awards or recognition that the student has received. This information can then be added to the Career Passport in Grade 12.

Ohio Career Technical Competency Assessment (OCTCA)

Each student in a skill-training program is given the OCTCA assessment unless the program offers its own industry assessment or one is not available from ODE. Each item in the OCTCA assessment is correlated to those essential competencies representing employment requirements in a specific field. Instructors review the competency of each student in each program and verify the competencies that each student achieves. Every Senior in a Career and Technical Education program will have the competencies he/she has completed in his/her Career and Technical Education program documented in their Career Passport.

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