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Bond Accountability Commission

Mission: The mission of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District’s Bond Accountability Commission (BAC) is to monitor the progress and expenditure of funds for the middle school portion of the District’s Master Facilities Plan Phase I, as authorized by District voters as Issue 81 in November 2013.

Creation: This committee was established pursuant to Board Policy 9140 - Citizens’ Advisory Committees. As per the policy, the committee has oversight from the Superintendent, or her designee. The BAC is a newly-formed committee, separate from the Facilities Accountability Committee (FAC), which completed its charge with its report on the high school portion of Phase I to the Board of Education in January 2017.

Responsibilities: The BAC will monitor project budgets, expenditures and schedules. District staff will share all relevant items with the committee for discussion.

Meetings: The BAC will meet quarterly throughout the year and submit a report to the Board of Education following each meeting. All meetings will be held open to the public. BAC meetings will commence in October 2017. The Superintendent, or her designee, will lead the meetings and establish all agendas.

Reports: The BAC will provide quarterly updates on budgets, expenditures and schedules to the Superintendent, who will convey the report to the Board of Education. Reports and meeting agendas will be made available to the public via the District website.

Duration: The BAC will conclude when the renovated middle schools open in August 2019.

Membership: Membership is voluntary and limited to residents of the CH-UH School District. Members must have a background in the areas of finance, construction, engineering, architecture or project management. There is no fixed term for membership, and replacements will be added as needed.

A representative from the Board of Education is included as an ex-officio member on the committee. CH-UH District staff members are appointed to the committee under the direction of the Superintendent.

BAC Members
Alexis Abramson Jason Beard Debbie Hermann
 Alexis Abramson
 Jason Beard
Debbie Hermann
 John Janssen  
John Janssen
Mario Mastrandrea
Daniel Pentecost
Jason Smith
David Tabor
James Posch
Jason Smith
David Tabor
James Posch
BOE Ex-Officio
 Eric Silverman Bradley Callender  Scott Gainer
Eric Silverman
BOE Ex-Officio
Bradley Callender
CH-UH Staff
Scott Gainer
CH-UH Staff
George Petkac Scott Wortman
Doug Myers 
George Petkac
CH-UH Staff
 Scott Wortman
CH-UH Staff
 Doug Myers
BAC Meeting Dates
Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017 (6:00 p.m.)
Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017 (6:00 p.m.) 
TBD - February 2018
TBD - June 2018
TBD - October 2018
TBD - February 2019
TBD - June 2019
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