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Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Design Updates

Design Updates

BSHM Activities from Gary Balog #5

October 2014

-Worked on revisions to floor and site plans, worked on SD and DD documents. Worked on alternative CTE options, discussed various HVAC central plant options (at BOE and conference calls), developed revisions to building exterior, updated LEED checklist.

Meetings: District’s theatrical consultant Sonya Winter, OAC meeting, PMC staff, District administrative staff, OFCC quarterly meeting for HS, HS principal and other staff, presented at BOE meeting, conducted all-staff meeting at CHHS.

November 2014

-Made corrections to SD document submission, worked on Design Development documents, updates LEED checklist.

Meetings: Attended and presented at BOE meetings and workshops, various HS staff, CH Planning Commission staff, BOE members, District administrative staff and PMC staff, CH administration and BOE members at OSBA convention.

December 2014

-Continued working on Design Development documents, updated LEED checklist.

Meetings: OAC meetings, presented at BOE workshops, prep session for CH Planning commission meeting, met on a regular basis with engineers and other consultants, Kristin Hughes to discuss Gateway building, PE and athletics. Met with other staff and administration personnel.

January 2015

-Continued working on Design Development documents (DD), updated LEED checklist.

Meetings: OAC meetings, presented at CH neighborhood meeting (suggested by CH Planning Commission), HS traffic study meeting, presented at CH Planning Commission meeting, presented at BOE work session, OFCC quarterly meeting on HS, met with staff and administration, engineering and other consultants.

February 2015

-Submitted 50% Design Development documents to CMR, updated LEED checklist.

Meetings: OAC meetings, CH Planning staff and CH Police Department, athletic staff and administration on Gateway building, presented at the Planning Commission - Delisle and Gateway, met with engineering and other consultants.

March 2015

-Continued working on Design Development documents, submitted Delisle and Gateway documents to ABR and BZA, updated LEED checklist.

Meetings: Presented at BOE workshop, presented to CH Planning Commission, met with Curriculum Director to discuss BaTT, attended budget overview meeting on 3/14/15, attended OAC meetings, met with Historic Committee from the FAC, met with engineering and other consultants.

April 2015

-Completed construction documents for demolition, continued working on Design Development documents and construction documents, updated LEED checklist.

Meetings: OFCC quarterly meeting, BOE work session, ABR and Planning Commission meetings, OAC meetings, met with engineering and other consultants.

May 2015

-Continued working on Design Development and Construction Documents, updated LEED checklist, attended HS Farewell Ceremony & Groundbreaking, prepared addendum and assisted CMR in bidding demolition and Delisle bid packages.


Meetings: OAC meetings, presented at BOE work sessions and BOE regular meetings, held meetings with engineers, high school staff, administrators, and construction management staff. Attended pre-bid and post bid meetings with contractors.

June 2015

-Submitted 75% CD documents, submitted bid documents for structure, civil and swimming pool, continue to work on completing CD documents. Issued addendums for current bid packages, submitted masonry bid package to Gilbane, revised exterior renderings for HS, created interior renderings for HS, submitted HS documents to BZA for review, helped develop sustainability narrative with LS, updated LEED checklist.

Meetings: OAC meetings, presented at BOE work sessions and regular meetings, held coordination meetings with engineers , meetings with District’s theater consultant, attended construction progress meetings for HS demolition and Delisle, meetings with BOE members, meeting with new CTE Administrator and Superintendent, meetings with District’s LEED consultant Laura Steinbrink, met with FAC safety and security committee chair person.

BSHM Activities from Gary Balog #4
Week of July 27

A/E (Architect/Engineer) team working on floor plan revisions, site layout and building elevations (with a focus on elevations of the additions to the 1926 Historic core).

Week of August 3

A/E team continues to work on plans and Schematic Design documents. On August 5th Gary Balog met with Cabinet to review preliminary elevations of CHHS. Balog also met with Instrumental and Vocal Music, PE/Athletics and CTE working groups to review and discuss current floor plan layouts of each department’s space.

Week of August 10

A/E team continues to work on Schematic Design documents. On Monday August 11th, John Orsini attended OAC meeting at the District Business offices. On August 13 Orsini met with the District to preview the building elevations and plans that will be presented at the August 19th Board work session.

Week of August 17

A/E team continues to work on Schematic Design documents. Team conducted phone conference to discuss HVAC system options. On August 19th, John Orsini and Amy Yurko attended the Board work session and presented the current building elevations to the Board and the public, focusing primarily on the 1926 Historic building additions. An update of the plans was also presented and the Board made comments and also entertained comments for members of the public who were in attendance as well.

Week of August 24

A/E team working on revisions to plans to bring building square footage in line with POR (Program of Requirements) and budget. Met with Construction Manager (CM) to discuss budget issues. Continued to work on Schematic Design documents.

Week of August 31

A/E team continues to look at strategies to reduce square footage of building. On September 4th Gary Balog & John Orsini meet with Sonya Winner (the District’s theater consultant) and Keith Newman to discuss potential modifications to CHHS auditorium. A/E team continues to work on ways to reduce building footprint. A/E team continues working on Schematic Design documents.

Week of September 7

A/E team has established a reduced gross building area by targeted reductions in program space as directed by the District Administration. Schematic design submission will be based on these reductions. Team continues working on documents. Gary Balog attended OAC meeting at the District offices to discuss progress, schedule, budget, and presentation for the September 16th Board work session. That same day Balog met with Craig  McGaughey and Sonya Winner to discuss VMD, IMD and theater spaces. Balog also met with Kristin Hughes to review PE/ Athletics spaces and to discuss programming for a potential free-standing building to be constructed at the stadium. 

BSHM Activities from Gary Balog #3 

Week of May 4

The Architect/Engineer team reviewed the LEED scorecard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) based on the discussion at the LEED Charrette, and forwarded draft of the scorecard to Laura Steinbrink at HLMS. A draft schedule for potential design activities that would occur over the summer months was prepared and forwarded to the District and members of the OAC (Owner Architect Contractor Team) for review and discussion. A list of potential construction items, which may be incorporated into the project, was forwarded to the CMR  (Construction Manager at Risk – Gilbane /Ozanne ) for review and discussion at the next OAC meeting. A space utilization chart was prepared to assist the CMR in determining which areas of the project may use renovated building space vs. those functions that may occupy space in the new additions, in order to assist them in preparing a draft of the estimate of construction cost for the Pre-design Phase Submission The Design Team continued to revise/update POR (Program of Requirements- or the list of spaces required for the high school). The Team also continued work on building the BIM (building information model- a three dimensional construct of the building inside a computer program) model of the 1926 building, and creating potential plan diagram options for review/discussion. The diagrams are suggestions of arrangement of space, not actual floor plans.

Week of May 11

Gary Balog and John Orsini from BSHM Architects participated in the OAC meeting at the BOE offices on Monday May 12th. The discussion focused on design schedule, schedule for future meetings, time frame for early review of cost estimate, and BOE review of the POR (Program of Requirements- or the list of spaces required for the high school). The Design Team is starting to construct BIM model of existing wall sections & elevations for Schematic Design Phase, which is the next phase of the design process. Gary Balog reviewed draft of LEED Scorecard with Laura Steinbrink who is preparing minutes of the LEED Charrette and a matrix of the sustainable strategies and tactics expressed at the Charrette, showing how they line up with the LEED project checklist.  Amy Yurko and Peter Brown are preparing for next weeks Community Meeting presentation and tweaking the square foot requirements based on the information collected at the previous Cabinet, PAT and Community Workshops.

BSHM Activities from Gary Balog #2

The following activity was reported by Balog Steines Hendricks & Manchester, the Phase 1 Facilities Plan architectural firm.

Week of April 20

  • April 22nd, Gary Balog and Amy Yurko (by phone) met with members of the CAT to discuss the preliminary project objectives and requirements (POR).
  • On April 23rd Gary Balog, Tim Thomas and Jim MacMillan from KE participated one-on-one sessions with the Sustainability, Building as a Teaching Tool and CTE working groups facilitated by Laura Steinbrink from HLMS Sustainability Solutions.
  • On April 24th Gary Balog and Marco Ciccarelli held the final of 3 Community Drop-in sessions at the Noble Neighborhood Branch of the public library. Team continued work on the POR and program for the 4th Community Meeting.

Week of April 27

  • On April 27th Team met to have an in-depth discussion and review of the POR with Educational Services, the Cabinet, and the HS Principals, led by Amy Yurko and Peter Brown from BrainSpaces.
  • April 29th, Team members participated in an cco-charrette facilitated by Laura Steinbrink from HLMS Sustainability Solutions. Also that afternoon Amy Yurko, Peter Brown and Gary Balog met with members of the PAT to go over the draft POR as modified after the session on April 27th. On April 30th, while BrainSpaces returned to Chicago to tweak the POR and prepare for the May 1 Community Meeting, other members of the design team met for an all-day charrette exploring various options on diagramming the site and building. That evening Gary Balog met one-on-one with members of the Student Ownership and Pride and Legacy Community Working Groups.
  • On May 1st Amy Yurko returned to CHUH, and facilitated another meeting with several PAT members, and then conducted the 4th Community Workshop Meeting, which focused on a review of the current POR and an exercise that gave the attendees an opportunity to voice the pros and cons of three site/building organizational schemes (very preliminary and graphic) that were a distillation of some of the schemes collected during last meetings LEGO exercise.


BSHM Activities from Gary Balog #1

Gary Balog, lead architect from the architectural firm BSHM, chosen for facilities renovations of Cleveland Heights High and Monticello and Roxboro Middle Schools, shares some weekly updates

Week of March 16th

Gary Balog participated in interviews for Commissioning Agents for the HS project. Continued working with AY on format for next Community meeting, and producing site map and puzzle pieces for the next workshop exercise.  GB went through District’s archives trying to locate documents for some of the various previous building programs for the HS.

Week of March 9th

Gary Balog participated in the OFCC Kick-off meeting on March 10th. Numerous questioned were raised concerning the standard OFCC formats and submissions and the expanded processes that the District is using for the project. There was also a great deal of discussion on eligible ELPP funding, the cost and scope of the Enabling project t, timelines and potential date for the District’s eligibility for CFAP funding. A Design Team continued work on the building model, collecting additional information electronically from working groups, and reviewing responsibility matrix for AE contract.

Week of March 2nd

Design Team continued to process and gather information coming in from the various working groups.  Team also continued work on the existing building plan. Staff from BSHM visited site to do some field verification since some of the information obtained from existing documents in outdated, missing or contained conflicting information. Much more verification needed. GB participated in meeting on March 5th concerning the current HS Football field plans, coordination between HS athletic facilities, temporary locker and or restroom facilities and construction schedule as it relates to the use of the field during the next several years and after the HS is completed. There was also discussion about the Pool and other potential opportunities for public or joint use of facilities.


Week of February 23rd

Design Team led second Community workshop. Mr. Peter Brown a colleague of Amy Yurko also participated. Gary Balog, Marco Cicarelli, Sandra Madison and Jim MacMillan also participated. Amy led the group in a number of exercises intended to get the groups to focus on each group’s top priorities and challenged them to state how their issues relate to the overarching goals for the students as stated on the District’s website. During the day on the 26yh and the 27th, the design team met with various internal working groups, did recon in the building and conducted CAT and PAT meetings.

Week of February 16th

Design Team continued work on existing building BIM model. Gary Balog attended and presented up-date on project at the BOE work session on February 18th. Continued working with Amy to collect information and organize responses/information/notes gathered during staff/student meetings and information coming in from the various community working groups. Discussed agenda and format for second Community Workshop, proposed workshop activities, including what questions and goals should be assigned to the attendees.


Week of February 9th

Continued processing information obtained from initial internal working groups, and information sent from community working group members. Discussed issues related to collection of information from the groups and the proper protocol and format for organizing the information. GB and AY met with internal working groups on the 13th of February and participated in CAT meeting the same day.

Week of February 2nd

Design Team finalized agenda for first Community Workshop. At the Community Workshop on February 6th Gary Balog gave an overview of the project process/proposed timeline. Amy Yurko led the attendees through a detailed overview of the community engagement process, and what the goals would be for the next several months. Attendees were encouraged to form working groups based on personal interests. More working groups were formed then originally anticipated. Design Team members Gary Balog, Amy Yurko, Byron Manchester, and Marco Cicarelli, Jim MacMillan, as well as other members of the CAT mingled with the groups the were forming and got feedback on the issues of concern to each group. Attendees were encouraged to participate in the video survey that Amy had posted. Earlier in the day meetings were scheduled for some of the internal working groups.

Week of January 26th

The first Community Workshop was cancelled due to weather. Gary Balog and Amy Yurko participated in a phone conference call of the PAT on the 29th of January. Much discussion centered on the proposed video survey to be rolled out at the rescheduled Community Meeting. The Design team continued working on the format and agenda for the staff/faculty working groups and composition of working groups. Gary Balog met with engineering and specialty consultants to discuss project scope., and draft contracts for sub consultants. Design Team started building BIM model of portion of existing school areas most likely to remain. AE team reviewed recently submitted site survey to determine of additional invert elevation is necessary prior to a break in the weather.


Week of January 19th

Gary Balog attended the “State of the Schools” address given by Dr. McDaniel at the high school social room, mingled with community members and listened to their concerns and opinions about various aspects of the HS project.. The Design Team also coordinated activities and the agenda for the first community workshop and discussed make-up of the various working groups and schedule for internal working group meetings.

Week of January 13th

Leadership from the  Design Team participated in the re-scheduled Executive Partnering Session held at the District’s Administrative Offices on the morning of January 15th . Steven Zanonni from PMC facilitated the session. Topics included discussion of participants goals for the project, potential opportunities and obstacles, the structure of internal and external Working Groups and a draft schedule for the initial planning phase of the project. In the afternoon Amy Yurko and Gary Balog held the first workshop with the High School Principals.

On the morning of January 16th ,Amy Yurko and Gary Balog met with a smaller group of  District Administrators and the Construction Management Firm of Gilbane /Ozanne to refine the types of initial meetings with the Working Groups and  to review the schedule for the first phase of the Project and block out dates for meetings for the first Quarter of the year. Steven Zannoni facilitated the meeting. In the afternoon Amy Yurko participated in a “Town Hall” style meeting with all the High School Staff in the High School auditorium. The meeting emceed by Dr Celico  laid out, in a broad way, the anticipated process for gathering input from staff and other participants.

Week of January 6th

Executive Partnering Session on the 6th of January and the meeting on Project Communications set for the 7th of January were cancelled due to weather, however Gary Balog and Amy Yurko, AIA BSHM’s Educational Planning Consultant, did participate in several phone conferences with the District to discuss communications, Stakeholder Working Groups and Schedule.

Week of December 16th

On December 18th, Gary Balog, FAIA and Brett Hendricks, AIA from BSHM participated in BOE workshop at the Delisle Center lead by Jeff Applebaum of PMC. The workshop gave Board Members and key stakeholders from the District Administration, the Construction Management firm and the Design Team a broad overview of the design and construction process anticipated.

On December 20th , Gary Balog, met with key administrators and  Steven Zanonni from PMC, the Owner’s Representative Firm, to discuss strategies and objectives for the initial Executive Partnering Session and to set initial meeting dates for planning purposes.

Amy Yurko Reports Back, # 3

In her weekly planning update, Amy Yurko, Founder of BrainSpaces, Inc. (a partner with CH-UH in the design process which aims to help link ideas of physical space and learning concepts), reported:

Work on defining the aspirations and needs for Heights High is progressing with energy and enthusiasm!  Last week, our first of 5 open-invitation community workshops kicked-off the high school planning and design effort.  Over 150 community members participated in the event which included an introductory  welcome from Superintendent Nylajean McDaniel, a summary of the design and construction process by architect Gary Balog of BSHM Architects, and a presentation and small group activities facilitated by Amy Yurko of BrainSpaces.  A key outcome of this workshop was the development of community-based “Working Groups” which will inform the design process from community perspectives.  Community Working Groups, in combination with a variety of Staff and Student Working Groups, will discuss, collect and share ideas and insights with the District and  design team to ensure the multitude of voices are heard and needs are met in the design of Heights High.

A few highlights from the participant small group exercise addressing goals and needs for the high school:  a) design the building as a “teaching tool” for learning; b) incorporate green/sustainable strategies and features into the design; c) encourage collaboration between school and community; d) support students using “wrap-around” services; e) the school environment should be clean, safe and secure; f) focus on student success; g) preserve and showcase the legacy, history and accomplishments of Heights High; h) design the building to be flexible enough to accommodate both current and future educational strategies; and much more!

Working group topics were developed and discussed, and participants were invited to sign-up to contribute to Working Groups based on their interests.  Some of the Working Groups identified include: Sustainability, Building as a Teaching Tool, Legacy/History, Parents/PTO, and more. Working groups are expected to meet roughly monthly this spring and/or collaborate virtually to brainstorm and document ideas and needs, and to attend all Community Meetings.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the February 6th Community Kickoff Meeting!  We look forward to seeing you and your fellow community members at Workshop #2 on February 26th, which will focus on defining spaces and learning environments to support the ideas and insights gathered to date.
Amy Yurko Reports Back, # 2

Following the Feb. 6 Phase 1 Facilities Community Kickoff Meeting, in which Community and Student Working Groups were formed, Amy Yurko wrote a message to participants. (Yurko is founder of BrainSpaces, Inc., a Chicago firm working with the District to bridge building design with learning functionality.) She said, 

To Working Group Members: thank you for participating in the recent meetings with members of our planning and design team.  We are very impressed by the wealth of ideas and insights gathered and the enthusiasm shown by participants.  Your input is critical to the successful design and implementation of the high school project we’ve been working so hard to envision over the past several years!
Amy Yurko Reports Back, # 1

Amy Yurko is the founder of BrainSpaces, Inc., a Chicago firm that specializes in the link between physical spaces and learning. She is a CH-UH Schools partner in Phase 1 designing, and reported back about a staff and student input day at Heights High on February 6, 2014:
This week, the owner’s rep and design team met with staff and students in a series of discussions which took place at Heights High School on Thursday.  Starting at 7:30 a.m., with a drop-in session inviting high school students to share their ideas, meetings continued throughout the day with student groups such as Student Council, Sustainability Club and Small School Ambassadors; and with staff groups such as Library/Media, Technology, PE/Athletics, Administration, Custodial and Food Services, Nurse, Counseling & Social Workers, Special Education, Fine & Performing Arts, Academic Core and World Languages, Career Technical Education and Legacy New Tech.
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