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Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Graphic Imaging

Graphic Imaging Technology

Larry Brown Instructor:
Larry Brown

What is Graphic Imaging Technology?

In the Graphic Imaging Technology program, students learn how to reproduce words and pictures by machine duplication and other processes. The program is designed to prepare the students for employment in commercial shops and in-plant print shops.

What will I learn in the junior year?

  • Composition, layout, and initial copy
  • Stripping negatives
  • Lifework, paper, and metal plate making
  • Photography and camera work
  • Halftones
  • Printing press work and set-up
  • Bindery operations: folding, cutting
  • Collating, stitching
  • Shipping and handling

What will I learn in the senior year?

  • Seniors continue to refine the skills learned during the junior year.

What equipment will I be trained to use?

  • Kodak vertical process camera
  • 24” film processor
  • Ryobi 3200CD
  • Ryobi 500K
  • Ryobi 500N
  • Multi 1360 two color
  • Xerox Resograph
  • Stitcher
  • Computerized paper cutter
  • Drill
  • Various hand and power tools

What kinds of jobs are available upon program completion?

  • Composing room and initial copy worker
  • Contact printer and plate maker
  • Press person
  • Production controller
  • Camera person
  • Film stripper
  • Paste-up person
  • Four color process press person
  • Repair person
  • Varitype headliner operator
  • Proofreader

What kinds of jobs are available with continued education and/or experience?

  • Graphics shop manager
  • Sales person
  • Graphic estimator
  • Graphic equipment demonstrator

What personal qualities should I possess?

  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Space relationship and depth perception
  • Pride in work, accurate, neat
  • Do not mind working with ink

Tech Prep Option Available

Student Organization: Skills USA

School: Program located at Warrensville High School

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