Physical Education/Athletics


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Physical Education/Athletics

Physical Education/Athletics

Notes from meetings:


  • 3 Health classrooms, need to accommodate 30-35 students, could have tables and chairs(not necessarily desks), located near PE, flexibility in room design – be able to open up a divider to create a larger classroom to accommodate 60-75 students.  This room could have a multi-purpose floor so it could be used for PE and athletics as well.


PE has 330 kids per day; one period could have 80-90 students split equally by gender; would want 175/200 box style lockers so kids can have a locker space for the semester; would want alcoves for privacy and benches.

Athletic teams locker room needs:

    • Football : 100 kids, lockers large enough to store equipment; limited alcoves to allow meeting as a large group
    • Girls basketball/Volleyball/Girls Track: 50 lockers
    • Boys Basketball/Baseball: 50 lockers
    • Wrestling/Track: 40 lockers(this locker room must have showers for wrestling)
    • Boys Swimming: 40 lockers
    • Boys PE/Community Swimming: 75 lockers
    • Girls swimming: 40 lockers
    • Girls PE/Community swimming: 75 lockers
    • officials locker room: 5 lockers/shower facility
    • Boys visiting team:  75 lockers
    • Girls Visiting Team: 40 lockers
    • Minimum 2 competition size gymnasiums, would really like 3 gymnasiums total.  The 3rd gym could be smaller and have no seating.  It could serve many purposes like batting cages, dance studio, etc.


PE would like offices together, 6 cubicles near the gymnasiums.
Athletics needs a receptionist area, office for AD and office for Learning center coordinator, conference room for coaches/parent meetings.
Athletics and PE could share equipment like copy machine, fax, etc.

  • Logistical set-up for gymnasium relative to ticket sales = concessions
  • Spirit/team shop (kiosk)
  • Locker rooms and gym space located close together


Two spaces: one is a varsity weight room with Hammer strength equipment, platforms, etc.; second is a cardio/strength room with cardio machines and select drive weight machines
Both rooms need to accommodate 80-100 people at once

  • Cardio room
  • Locker rooms to accommodate both PE and athletics
  • Visiting team rooms
  • Showers
  • Officials locker room
  • Men’s and women’s coaches locker room with shower facility
  • Laundry room (washer/dryer)
  • Coaches/teachers offices
  • Room for cheer/dance squad to practice
  • Hall of fame area/league championship foyer
  • Training Room/ice room
  • Academic room – study tables – film room
  • Separate PE and Athletic storage space.
  • 3D + 2D display areas for lobby to showcase conference titles, All-Americans, etc.
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