School Dining Policies


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

School Dining Policies

What is a school lunch?
A school lunch is also called a Type A lunch and this definition is established by the USDA. A school lunch is comprised of 5 components that must be offered daily: meat/meat alternate (protein), grains/breads, fruits, vegetables, and milk. A student may take all 5 components but must take a minimum of 3 to count as a student lunch. It is our goal to encourage students to take all 5, but we are obligated to make sure they take at least 3 components.  

Lunch Charges
The Cleveland Heights – University Heights City School District has a “no charge” policy, which means that students will not be allowed to charge their lunch if they do not have the money, or do not have an adequate balance in their lunch account. A cheese sandwich, fruit, and milk will be provided.

Food Allergies
Students with a milk allergy must provide a statement from their doctor. The statement needs to be given to the school nurse or your child’s cafeteria manager. Students with severe food allergies who need dietary changes from the traditional school lunch, need to have their family doctor diagnose that allergy as a disability and submit a prescription for foods to be omitted or substituted and what items to replace them with. The prescription should be given to the school nurse or to your school office.

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