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The Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District has a process that is designed to chart the course and focus on our work it is known as our Strategic Plan Goals. There are five outlined goals of the Strategic Plan that define expectations and aspirations that will drive the district over time. The following Strategic Plan goals outline the focus of Educational Services department goals for the next five years (2020).

Strategic Goal I Student Outcomes: Expectations, Proficiency & Mastery



Objective 1: At least 90% of District students will graduate in 4 years, and the graduation rate will increase for students who meet requirements for 2-4 year college/university, as well as military and recognized credentials.

Strategy A: Challenge and support each student by identifying the barriers that are prohibiting students from graduating on time.

Strategy B: Reduce the percentage of ninth grade retentions by offering academic and social-emotional support.

Strategy C: Increase the attendance of all students Pre-K – 12

Strategy D: District will support a continuum of online learning.

Objective 2: All students meet or exceed state expectations in core content areas; reading, math, science and social studies.

Strategy A: Every teacher will use research-based strategies and materials to ensure that all students can access grade-level material and are using critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Objective 3: Ensure all students are engaged in learning that enables them to reach their full potential for college and career readiness.

Strategy A: Enhance safe, supportive and engaging climates for learning that encourage school, college and career readiness, and success.

Strategic Goal II Educational Approach: Equity, Empowerment, Opportunities



Objective 1: Close the academic and achievement gaps.

Strategy A: Provide effective supports to Principals, BLT teams and all students at each school to eliminate gaps.

Objective 2: Ensure all District staff demonstrates high expectations for all students regardless of race, income, ethnicity or disability.

Strategy A: Set high expectations for all students, staff, teachers and administrative staff to develop cross-cultural diversity and equity-related activities and celebrations.

Objective 3: Ensure equity of education and excellence for all learners.

Strategy A: Ensure equitable and consistent implementation of policies and procedures District-wide.

Objective 4: District technology will enhance teaching and learning for success in a global economy.

Strategy A: Implement an ongoing professional development program that supports the current and future use of technology in the classroom.

Objective 5: Challenge and support each student by providing equitable access to rigorous and relevant curriculum aligned to Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Skills.

Strategy A: Ensure all schools implement curriculum and instructional strategies aligned to Common Core State Standards and 21st Century skills.

Strategy B: Develop and implement Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) for research-based, data driven and differentiated instruction to support and challenge each and every student.

Objective 6: Make early learning education a foundation for future academic success.

Strategy A: Build alignment and support among key stakeholders for early learning.

Strategic Goal III: Parents & Community: Engagement, Partnerships, and Communication



Objective 1: Foster staff-parent relationships that support student learning

Strategy A: Strengthen connections and learning opportunities among District families.

Strategy B: Strengthen connections and learning opportunities among District parent groups.

Objective 2: Optimize use of the community's assets & expertise to provide wrap-around services for students and improve District results.

Strategy A: Develop and maximize the use of new and current organizational and community partnerships.

Strategy B: Expand partnerships aligned to student career and college success.

Strategy C: Establish partnerships that will expose middle and high school students to a career experience.

Strategy D: Prepare all students for career and college success.

Objective 3: Improve communication with and among parents, school leaders & teachers, and community partners.

Strategy A: Provide multiple communication options to strengthen staff/parent/student communication, and increase community pride, confidence, and support.

Goal IV: Valued Professionals & A Culture of Excellence



Objective 3: Strengthen staff skills and practices and develop an expectation for high achievement.

Strategy D: Implement an ongoing professional development program that supports the current and future use of technology in the classroom.

Goal V: Operational Resources: Finances, Technology, and Facilities



Objective 6: Increase capacity of district personnel in accessing and utilizing external resources to supplement and enhance current educational practices.

Strategy A: Establish, inform and support principals, teachers and staff in applying for grants, Donors Choose and other appropriate opportunities that occur.

Strategy B: Use of Funds: Ensure effective, allowable use of, and evaluation of, entitlement funds (e.g., Titles I=III, IDEA, Career Tech, Public Preschool).

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