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Success Academy

Heights Middle School Success Academy Mission
The purpose of Success Academy is to provide a positive opportunity for middle school students who have not experienced success in the traditional classroom setting and who need additional academic and social support. 

Students will have the opportunity to work in a small classroom setting that is focused on academics and positive behavior supports. The curriculum is aligned to the students’ current core classes but provided in a way to meet each student’s learning style. 

These supports and interventions are interwoven throughout the school day, focusing on individualized goals that allow students to improve their decision-making skills.
Student Referrals
Students are referred to the Success Academy by Heights Middle School staff. For more information, contact Heights Middle School Campus Administrator Rachael Coleman at (216) 320-2484.

The program will consist of a “blended” learning approach. Students will be utilizing the following tools that will enhance their academic performance:
  • Academic Core Programs (ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science)
  • Google Classroom
  • Online Programming (Edgenuity)
  • Social-Emotional Programs
  • Choice Theory
  • Restorative Justice and PBIS
  • Second Step
Success Academy hours are 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. All students should arrive at the Delisle Center no later than 8:55 a.m. Students will be dismissed at 2:00 p.m.

The Heights Middle School Success Academy works in partnership with the Heights High School Options Program. Both programs are located at the Delisle Center at 14780 Superior Road in Cleveland Heights.

Duration of the Program
Each session of the Success Academy program will last nine weeks (one quarter). Students will receive ongoing support as they transition back to Heights Middle School after their nine-week session.

All students are required to attend the full nine-week session of the program. Students are expected to be in attendance each day. In the event that a student is to be absent, please contact Ms. Lackey at (216) 320-2398.  

Every Success Academy student will receive a free, nutritional lunch during school hours. 

Students will be transported to and from the Delisle Center by the CH-UH Transportation Department.

Code of Conduct/Dress Code
The Success Academy will follow the same guidelines found in the District Student Code of Conduct.

All cell phones will be collected (secured) at arrival and returned before dismissal.  

During school hours, the dress code will be reinforced in order to minimize distractions and maintain a cohesive, educational environment.

  • No clothing with inappropriate messages/pictures;
  • No flip flops, slides, shoes without secured backing;
  • No hats (attached to clothing or used as headwear);
  • No scarfs, headwraps, do rags, headbands, bandanas, tied material;
  • No sunglasses;
  • No exposing low-cut tops, tank tops, spaghetti-strapped tops, off the shoulder tops;
  • No short skirts, short shorts, sheer leggings.

The appropriateness of student dress is at the discretion of Success Academy staff.

Extracurricular & After-School Activities
Students will have the opportunity to participate in after-school events and activities. As the students participate in goal setting, they will also examine their weekly progress report to support their extracurricular activities.

Daily Performance Expectation
It is our goal to provide individualized support for students who require additional assistance with academic and social-emotional growth. Students will also have the responsibility to develop and nurture individual factors that contribute towards their success.

As students explore their decision-making process, both staff and students will work collaboratively to create a successful learning experience. Daily progress monitoring and communication will serve as a tool to assist in this process.

After the initial interview and informational process, students and caregivers are both expected to commit to the Success Academy program. If there is a breach of contract, students will be immediately dismissed from the program and will be subject to discipline at Heights Middle School.

Success Academy connects to both student and caregiver. Weekly communication (via preference of caregiver), will be provided by the staff. Caregivers will receive information on the progress of their student.

Students will also share performance on a self-monitoring progress report, in addition to a weekly expectation report that includes:
  • Attendance
  • Academic Progress
  • Social-Emotional Progress

Success Academy will have a 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Our staff are dedicated to providing individualized support to help every student succeed.

Contact Us

HMS Success Academy
14780 Superior Road
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Phone: 216-320-2386
Fax: 216-320-2391
To notify of a student absence, please call: 216-320-2398

School Hours (Monday - Friday)
9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

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Denise Lackey
Success Academy Administrator
Denise Lackey
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