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  • "I am so reflective, I am so inspired, This has made me want to be better. I cannot wait for my colleagues to experience this."
  • "This workshop has given me inspiration."
  • "This was a fantastic day, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to come to Options."
  • "Energized me: I am responsible for the classroom environment I work in. Excellent Day! This was needed for all of us!"
  •  "I really enjoyed the workshop today. It was a great reminder of why I went into teaching. Also, a great reminder of what our students deal with and how we react to it."
  • "Thanks for the rejuvenation-much needed."
  • "I feel invigorated and optimistic. It was nice to have a valuable PD session."
  • "The workshop was phenomenal. I feel empowered to make some changes and have more success in my classroom."
  • "This day was one of my most powerful days in 31 years as an education!"
  • "A good day to reflect on practice."
  • "The workshop made me look within myself. The workshop offered me a day of reflection."
  • "There are no words that can express the impact that the workshop will have on me personally and professionally. Changing myself will change my classroom."
  • "Awesome approach to the development and preparation of youth. I am pleased and proud of our school district and colleagues."
  • "I feel reconnected and motivated to my authentic self."
  • "The student panel was very powerful."
  • "I am planning to make a better effort to get to know my students."
  • "The workshop inspired me to change how I am doing things and reflect on what I have done."
  • "The workshop encouraged me to take ownership of my own behavior."
  • "Great workshop on basic humanity."
  • "The workshop was awesome!"
  • "Good workshop. Very refreshing and reminds me of why I do what I do!"
  • "Made me reevaluate my approach with kids, and to rethink how I handle things."
  • "This absolutely was a meaningful and enlightening workshop that has undoubtedly impacted me."
  • "Great class! Best one I have attended at CHUH."
  • "Well worth the time to be here!"
  • "Great session! Your passion for education is inspiring."
  • "The workshop reinvigorated my passion for improving building climate and encouraging student success."
  • "I really needed this workshop!"
  • "This was a very moving workshop."


2155 Miramar Boulevard • University Heights, OH 44118 • 216-371-7171

Board of Education • 2155 Miramar Boulevard • University Heights, OH 44118 • 216-371-7171 • info@chuh.org
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