Arts & Music

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Art and music education are an important part of life in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights schools.

The arts are a critical component to a complete education and are proven to
increase student academic achievement. Students who consistently participate in arts programs are more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, be elected to class office, participate in a math and science fair, and attend school regularly.

Arts education can also be a vehicle for other content areas. Integrating art instruction into the regular classroom can make academic subjects more meaningful.

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Visual Art

Elementary and Middle School

These programs focus on:

- Exploring principles and elements of design and the use of a variety of media.
- The ways different cultures have influenced the arts.
- Talking about their responses to works of art .
- Appreciation for why some art forms are valued over the course of time.
- Special projects that emphasize the connections between the arts and other
  disciplines - science, language arts, math, social studies.

Heights High

At Heights High School, students can take classes that include Introduction to Art, Photography, Ceramics, Commercial Art, Studio Art, and AP Studio Art. Heights students are always represented in the Scholastic Art Awards competition. There are three visual art teachers at the high school. The Mosaic School teachers often integrate arts into their classroom instruction.

The department welcomes the novice art students and also prepares advanced students for entrance into art institutes and universities.

Vocal and Instrumental Music 

                                    Photo by Daniel Boyle, db design


Elementary School

Students attend a general music education class that includes vocal, music appreciation, dance and movement, listening skills, rhythm, and participates in at least one performance each year. Fourth and fifth grade students can audition for the Elementary Challenge Choir.

Students in fourth grade have the option to play an instrument and receive a group lesson with the instrumental teacher. The program includes several concert performances.

Middle School

Instrumental and vocal music: eighth grade students are in band or orchestra class every day and sixth and seventh grade students take the class every other day.

The focus of the curriculum is to develop skills and an appreciation for music.

High School

Instrumental: Students can audition for the Heights High Symphony, Symphonic Winds Band, or Jazz Band. The non-audition groups include Marching Band, Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band – these groups are open to all students. Music classes include: Guitar, African American Music, Concert Band, Concert Orchestra, Jazz, AP Music Theory, Symphonic Winds Band, and Symphonic Band. Students also perform in Ensemble groups. There are many opportunities for performance in school concerts and in the community. Many groups also practice after school. Click here to see the Heights High IMD page.

Vocal: Students can audition for Singers (show choir), A Capella Choir, and Barbershop groups (men’s and women’s). The non-audition groups include Men’s and Women’s Chorus. The Vocal Music Department produces a musical show each November and invites students to audition for parts in the leads and chorus roles. The show includes middle school and elementary students in two casts. Click here to visit the Heights High VMD page.

Students in these programs have many opportunities to perform in concerts, musical productions, community venues, and competitions.

An extracurricular Gospel Choir practices once a week after school and performs in concerts and community venues.