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Board of Education Meetings

The Board of Education generally meets at 7 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month at the Administrative Offices located at 2155 Miramar Boulevard in University Heights.

Special Board Meetings or Board Work Sessions may be called by the President, the Chief Financial Officer, or any two members of the Board. They send a written notice with a time, date, place, and purpose for the meeting to each member of the Board two days prior to the meeting. These meetings are work sessions for the Board and are usually scheduled for the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m.

Regular Board of Education Meetings and Work Sessions air on Time Warner Cable Channel 22 approximately one week after the meeting date and are available for checkout as a DVD at the Cleveland Heights – University Heights Main Library on Lee Road approximately 2 weeks after the meeting date.

Ohio law permits the Board to meet in executive session, which are meetings closed to the general public. The Board may call an executive session

  • To consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion, or compensation, of a public official or employee, or to investigate charges or complaints against them;
  • To purchase or sell property for public purposes;
  • To prepare, conduct, or review negotiations with public employees;
  • To review imminent or pending litigation;
  • To review matters that are required to be kept confidential by federal law or rules or state statutes;
  • To discuss specialized details of security arrangements.

Addressing the Board Input from citizens is encouraged and welcomed during allotted public participation time at regular Board Meetings. Citizens may speak at the beginning of each regular meeting and limit remarks to five minutes. Speakers will be asked to state their name and identify the topic they wish to address. Generally, no public participation at Special Meetings or Work Sessions is allowed, although the Board and the President may decide otherwise at the time of the meeting.

Board of Education 2014 Meeting Dates

Regular Meetings   Special Meetings
January 7: Notice Agenda | Minutes   January 13 : Notice | Agenda | Minutes

January 14: Notice | Agenda | Minutes


January 21: Notice | Agenda
State of the Schools Address 

 January 28: Phase 1 Facilities Community Meeting

 February 4: Notice | Agenda | Minutes  

February 6: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
Facilities Community Meeting 

    February 11: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
Facilities Accountability Committee Meeting
    February 12: Notice | Agenda | Minutes

  February 18: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
    February 26: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
March 4: Notice | Agenda | Minutes

March 18: Notice | Agenda | Minutes

March 27: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Phase 1 Facilities Community Meeting) 

 April 1: Notice | Agenda | Minutes   April 2: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Executive Board Session) 


    April 7: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Executive Board Session) 

  April 8: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Executive Board Session) 
    April 15: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Executive Board Session) 
    April 16: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Executive Board Session) 
    April 17: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Executive Board Session) 
    April 19: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Executive Board Session) 

April 29: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
(Executive Board Session) 
 May 6: Notice | Agenda | Minutes   May 20: Notice | Agenda | Minutes
 June 3: Notice | Agenda | Minutes   June 17: Notice | Agenda | Minutes









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