Superintendent McDaniel

Superintendent Dr. Nylajean R. McDaniel 

Dear Friends:

It is an immense honor to serve as Superintendent of this school district - it’s truly been the pinnacle of my career.  This is an exceptionally interesting and stimulating community in which to work and live. Every day, I am reminded of the endless potential our students have within them, the diverse talents and skillsets that our parents and community members share with us to help us improve, and just what exceptional teachers and staff we have. Our District is dedicated to educating our children and willing to make and adapt to the changes necessary to reach our vision of P.A.S.S.A.G.E., Preparing All Students for Success in a Global Economy. Our teachers and staff members know that this is our most important charge.

As I walk through our schools and observe classroom activities, science projects, artists at work, robotics competitions, basketball games, the Heights High musical (to mention a few things!), I just beam with pride. Our students have the curiosity, commitment and ambition to make something of themselves and enhance our community. Our students continually inspire me and make the task of educating one of delight and passion. 

Test results from the 2012-2013 school year show that the District achieved tremendous growth, when looking at “Value-added” data. “Value-added” analysis is a statistical method of determining whether a student has exceeded academic growth in one year’s time. Our District received “A”s by “Value-added” measurement in all four possible areas. CH-UH is the only district in Cuyahoga County, and one of only 8 in the state of Ohio to have accomplished this.  Moreover, whether the state uses letter grades or labels on the yearly Report Card, the truth of our academic situation will always be found in the details of everyday education going on in schools. While we have deal of work left to do, the details show that our educational strategy is laying the groundwork for continued improvement in the future – if we can catch students up in one year’s time each and every year, we will have achieved a great deal.

We are laying the groundwork of improved education in a literal sense as well. To start, the complete renovation of our high school and middle schools will change the physical spaces in which our students learn.  With the planning for our high school facilities now underway, Phase 1 of the Master Facilities Plan is off to a solid start. Great processes for the inclusion and participation of the entire Heights school community have been created, and we look forward to building facilities that meet both our present and future needs.    

I anticipate the coming years are going to be remarkable, and remarkably successful, for the Cleveland Height-University Heights School District. And I am looking forward to working with all our teachers and staff to ensure that we help our students succeed, while making sure that the invaluable voices of our students, parents and community members are heard.

The Board of Education is presently conducting a thorough, national search for the next superintendent for our District. I am confident that they will find someone with the insight, passion and dedication to take our District forward and create for us a new future. 

Sincerely yours, 

Nylajean R. McDaniel, Ph.D.