Algebra II Advanced Summer Program

July 24, 2012
Cleveland Heights, OH

Algebra II teacher Kristen Kelly (seated in center)with some of the students in her Algebra II Advanced Summer Program

Heights High math teacher Kristen Kelly noticed that some very capable students were not taking advanced math classes. After she attended the Minority Student Achievement conference last spring, she learned about another district’s use of summer school to advance students in math. 

“This is exactly what we needed,” she said. The Heights Algebra II Advanced Summer Program for incoming sophomores “was an intensive math class, but also students learned about the advantages of working hard at math.”

Thirty-two ninth grade Algebra I students enrolled in the Algebra II program that met for five hours, five days a week for five weeks. “It was intense!” said Kelly. “But the students worked extremely hard and really learned the material.”

These math students will take honors geometry in their sophomore year, pre-calculus in their junior year, and AP calculus or AP statistics their senior year. The students will also be part of a math support group during the school year – designed to provide both peer and adult math assistance.

Next summer the same students will be invited to attend a shorter summer session that will prepare them for pre-calculus.

What did the attendees think about taking The Algebra II Advanced Summer Program?

Here is a sample of the student comments:

Shyara Hasan:
I thought the program was great. It’s so amazing that you can do so many different things with numbers and letters!  It was challenging, but I'm a Tiger so I stayed strong and stuck to it because there's nothing better than feeling accomplished. 

Davia Prince:
I really enjoyed myself in this Algebra II program.  I liked advancing in mathematics.  I especially liked the Pythagorean Theorem, triangles, graphs, and tables.  We shared some laughs, believe it or not.  Thanks to Mrs. Kelly for being patient when I asked 1,000 questions and for not giving up on me.

Cydney Kimbrough:
I will admit that the class was hard, but you have to be willing to put in the work. 

April Matthews:
This class was a very good experience for me.  I struggled, but in the end I know I worked extremely hard and really learned it.

Jazmyne Shaw
I actually liked the class.  I got ahead by taking it and didn't even mind waking up super early.