Summer Reading Fun for Kindergarteners

July 30, 2012
Cleveland Heights, OH

Camp Jumpstart is a summer language program for kindergarten students that will help bring children up to the first grade reading level.  Teachers work on classroom activities, such as Letter ID and Sounds, Letter and Word Work, Phonemic Awareness, Guided Reading, and a Writing Workshop. This takes place for four weeks in the summer, and ends August 3. Students are recommended to this program by their kindergarten classroom teachers from each elementary school.

Pictured here is Mrs. Lustic’s P.E. class, where students are not only doing physical activities, but they must match the letters that they run around and collect to the master letter board.  Then they recite the alphabet to make sure they have matched all the letters correctly. Combining this physical movement with the academic activity helps students to retain the information.

Fifty-one students are enjoying Camp Jumpstart, and once school begins, they will have enhanced their skills and be ready to read in first grade.