Heights High Receives Grant to Implement Health and Nutrition Program

August 10, 2012
Cleveland Heights, OH

Last year, many students visited school nurse, Chris Bell, complaining of headaches and stomachaches.  After listening to them, Ms. Bell asked a simple question: “Have you had anything to eat today?”

Many said no.

Concerned by the number of “no” answers, she surveyed students for 67 consecutive school days to see just how many were eating.

Of the students who spoke with her, 28 percent reported they ate breakfast regularly; 6 percent ate sometimes; and an alarming 66 percent did not eat at all.  Of the 66 percent who did not eat, they shared that it was because:

  • They did not like breakfast
  • Had overslept
  • Did not have enough time in the morning
  • Did not have breakfast foods in the house
  • Did not have breakfast foods they liked in the house; and/or
  • Did not like the cafeteria

Time and time again, research shows a nutritious breakfast to start the school day benefits students. It increases their ability to focus and concentrate, improves their performance in class, and decreases behavior problems. It’s important our students have access to healthy food at the start of the school day so they may learn and grow.

Action for Healthy Kids, a national nonprofit that works with schools, families, and communities to help kids be healthier and ready to learn, awarded $1,571 to Cleveland Heights High School to implement a health and nutrition program this year. The grant is made possible by Action for Healthy Kids’ partnership with KELLOGG’s.

At the high school, our goal is to increase the number of students who eat breakfast daily by 25 percent. To help us get there, a “grab and go” cart will be stationed outside the auditorium lobby before school begins. The cart will offer warm and cold breakfast items, including yogurt, breakfast bars, cheese sticks, and warm breakfast sandwiches on whole grain buns.

Students will be surveyed during the school year to continue to identify the foods they like, the food choices they make, and how their behavior changes as a result of eating breakfast in the morning.

For more information, contact nurse Chris Bell at 216-320-3109,, or Northern Ohio District Manager of Food Services Tanera Winters at 216-320-2016, T_Winters

*Action for Healthy Kids School Grants for Healthy Kids program made possible by KELLOGG’S.