Former Heights High Science Teacher Honored by the US Navy

September 10, 2012
Cleveland Heights, OH

Lieutenant Valentine Hambor (ret.)

Navy hero.  World War II vet. Morse code expert.  Navigator.  Aero science engineer.   Heights High science teacher. 

Each of these careers and experiences were celebrated on September 1 when Lieutenant Valentine Hambor (ret.) was honored by the US Navy as part of Cleveland's Navy Week celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the War of 1812.  

Lt. Hambor, a 90-years-young resident of Warrensville Heights, was joined by other members of the National Association of Destroyer Veterans, also known as the "Tin Can Sailors," aboard the USS DeWert, a Navy frigate docked at the Port of Cleveland for the event.  He served aboard the USS Thaddeus Parker (DE-369) Destroyer Escort at Okinawa, Japan, around World War II. His tour included trips between Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Japan to escort Navy destroyer convoys. Lieutenant Hambor was a Morse code expert. He was responsible for the ship's navigation and communications. 

After he was Lt. Hambor, he was Mr. Hambor, an aero science engineer who worked at TRW and NASA before enjoying a long career at Cleveland Heights High School, where he taught science, including an aero science curriculum that he created.  Many of his students went on to enjoy success in the aerospace industry. 

All of Tiger Nation congratulates Lt. Hambor on all he has accomplished and thanks him for his service to the country and to our school district!