Gifted Enrichment Services

Toia Robinson
Coordinator of Gifted / Arts 
(216) 320-2182

Frequently Asked Questions about the Transitional Plan to Identify and Serve Children who are Gifted and Talented

Parent Brochure for Gifted Services

Assessment Instruments Used by the District for Gifted Identification
Consent for Screening and/or Assessment for Gifted Identification
Referral for Consideration of Accelerative Options
Consent for Withdrawal from Gifted Services

Mission Statement

In accordance with ODE guidelines and current research in gifted education, Gifted Programming within the CH – UH City Schools strives to address the individual needs of our identified gifted students. K-3 Enrichment, 6-12 Honors Courses, and 9-12 AP Courses seek to grow high potential in all students.


  • To provide vehicles to address the social and emotional needs of gifted students.
  • To provide the "Least Restrictive Environment" for all identified gifted students.
  • To create Written Education Plans for students on the Ohio Child Count List that address student strengths and help to provide information about the progress, services provided, and individual goals of each student.
  • To work collaboratively with parents, students, teachers, and administration to create, implement, and evaluate student goals and progress.
  • To screen, assess, and identify students who are gifted in accordance with ODE mandates (H.B. 282).
  • To create and facilitate programs which invite and challenge students to demonstrate their abilities and to be recognized for their achievements.
  • To advocate for identified gifted students and to provide support services and information for parents/guardians of gifted students.
  • To foster collaborative relationships with classroom teachers and Gifted Specialists to develop and adapt the curriculum and teaching strategies to reflect the breadth, depth, and pace of learning characteristic of high-ability students.
  • To provide ongoing opportunities for identified students to recognize and understand their strength and the opportunities that may exist for them in the real-world