CH-UH Council of PTAs

In recent years, the PTA units and council have collaborated and done much soul searching in an effort to identify how we can best serve our community. The mission of the CH-UH Council of PTAs is to support and unify the PTA units within the District, strengthen the ties between the schools and the community, and develop and nurture new leadership. With that mission as our guide, we have developed a new slogan: Many Schools. One District! Although we recognize and respect the uniqueness of each individual school, as we continue to advocate for students and parents, we hope that we can also help develop consistent and cohesive PTA units within the District.

This year, we will be reconnecting with some of our community organizations, collaborating with Leading Ladies, Inc. on their annual Wellness Fair, and regenerating the “Civility” initiative.

It’s going to be a great year! Studies show children of parents who are involved in their schools perform better. If you’re not already involved, please consider volunteering with PTA or other groups in your school and the community.

PTA Council’s Community Meeting

October 26, 2010

The PTA Council hosted a Community Meeting at Heights High that included parents, school staff and community members and leaders. The purpose of the event was to provide a place for parents and community members to come together in a friendly, social atmosphere focused on supporting the CHUH schools, students and families. Approximately 70 people attended.

Other goals of the meeting included:

- Create strong bonds between parents and school staff and the school district and the community.
- Gather input from citizens/parents and school staff about their priorities for the District.
- Hear input from principals and school leaders about potential partnerships and outreach activities.
- Spark peoples imagination about the possibilities in our schools.
- Encourage people to take action to support the CHUH schools.
- Inform citizens about the District’s priorities and focus.

The presentations included:

- Opening remarks and welcome by PTA Council Co-President Sabrina Humphries
- District overview by Superintendent Doug Heuer
- Facilities overview by Steve Shergalis, Director of Business Services
- Citizen involvement in school improvement, Joan Spoerl, PTA member
- Brain storming exercise – participants traveled in groups to discuss and record their ideas about how to create an ideal school, responding to the prompt: 

“Wouldn’t it be cool if…”

Click here to see the brain storming responses.