Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Heights High Student-Athletes Improve Collective GPAs

Jan. 9, 2017 ( -- The district recently shared the average GPA for its winter and fall sports teams. The number are high, as you'll see below, and a big part of the school's success with student athletes can be traced to its new Athletic Director Dwight Hollins.

Hollins is a Cleveland Heights-University Heights Schools' alumni and a former basketball player with Xavier University and was briefly signed to a contract by the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers. He was also the poster-child for student-athletes that were solely focused on the athlete portion of their title.

"I did not have the strongest GPA in high school," Hollins said. "I was told I was not good enough to play basketball at the next level. I used that as my motivation to prove people wrong."

Before attending Xavier, Hollins spent two years at Hilbert, a junior college near Buffalo, New York. He says it was at that school that he learned the system he is now mimicking at Cleveland Heights-University Heights Schools.

"It was there that the kinds of things that I’m doing now were done for me," he says. "The individuals there put me in a system of support."

What does a system of support mean? The answer is fourfold, really. Hollins says that there needs to be active participation from students, teachers, parents, and coaches.

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The overall athletic department GPA average is 3.10. The GPA per team follows below:

  • Cheerleaders - 3.24
  • Cross Country - 3.41
  • Football - 2.53
  • Golf - 3.24
  • Boys Soccer - 3.30
  • Girls Soccer - 3.86
  • Girls Tennis - 3.75
  • Volleyball - 2.88
  • Boys Basketball - 2.83
  • Girls Basketball - 3.41
  • Bowling - 2.89
  • Ice Hockey - 3.38
  • Swimming - 3.88
  • Wrestling - 2.42

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