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Much Ado About Nothing at Heights High


Much Ado About Nothing cast, David Jurns, director, (left, back row).

March 16, 2017 -- The Heights High Theater Department will produce Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing on March 23-25, 7 p.m. in the school’s auditorium. “This is really funny show with witty comedy and intense drama,” said David Jurns, Director and Theater Department Teacher. “It's about love, betrayal, and the awkwardness of finding out you wanted something that you would have sworn you never would.”

One of the show’s fun twists is that it is set in the late 60's/early 70's, during the Hippie movement and the conflict of the Vietnam War.

The first rehearsals were spent examining the script line by line to make sure the actors understood the meaning of their lines. “The greatness of Shakespeare is that his work remains completely relatable even all these centuries later,” said Mr. Jurns.

The stage crew and Technical Director Keith Newman are designing and building the set and lighting. “One of the most exciting elements for me is seeing what Keith Newman and the crew put together for the set,” said Mr. Jurns. “This year is going to be the most spectacular yet.”

Another exciting element of this year’s show is the live period music that will be provided by vocalist and guitarist Grant Heineman. The costume designer is Beth Jurns who will create fun Hippie costumes for the cast.

The Theater Department produces two shows each year. The One Act Play Festival features student directed one act plays. The other production is a multi-act play and every three years the group produces a Shakespeare play.

Visiting Noblemen:
Gerald Shazor
Don Pedro
Lily Kerr-Jung
Zach Brust
Noblemen and Family:
Jesse Hodges
Anyssa Hanna
Callie Swaim-Fox  Hero
Hannah Woodside
Sylvie Crowell  Margaret
Rohan Bruce
Remi Godard
Don John 
Nareus Hardin  Borachio 
Derek Black  Conrade 
Jack Johnson  Dogberry 
Tulani Black  Verges 
Chantae McMillan  1st Watchman 
Sam Hermes  2nd Watchman
Kasia Bufford
Friar Francis 
Kiarah Balfour  A Sexton 
Taylor Booker  A Messenger 



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