Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

School Librarian is 'Maker' & Published Author

Nov. 1, 2017 -- Heights High librarian Kathy Lawrence wrote a chapter for the recently published book 63 Ready-to-Use Maker Projects. 
The book features creative project ideas for librarians and makers.
The project described by Mrs. Lawrence is Sew Your Own Flag that was she and co-librarian Amy Bloomberg organized for students last year.

Knowing that students from Nepal had a tradition of using small flags to display messages, she asked several student to share their their tradition and show other students how to create a flag.

The librarians set up a Makerspace table in the cafeteria and with the help of several students from Nepal, helped many students design a flag that represented their values, interests, hopes or dreams.

The newly dedicated Makerspace in the high school library is a room with with art and tech supplies. “It’s an informal place where people can be creative, discover and learn and is student driven,” said Ms. Lawrence. “School libraries have always been places where students can get instruction and find resources. We are an extension of the classroom.”

The Makerspace movement was born out of the desire for many people to learn DIY activities - sewing, crafting and other creative activities as well as more technology driven work like using a 3-D printer to create materials.

For the first quarter of the year, the librarians were setting up the Heights High Library Makerspace, and now, it is ready for action.

In November, the Makerspace Table will again appear in the cafeteria where students can make a bottle cap key chain. The table will also feature future Makerspace activities: electronic devices for tinkering,  and activities that will create items needed by homeless individuals or elementary teachers. 

Makerspace open hours will be announced soon with several options for students.

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