Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Principal Welcomes Students to Heights High


Heights High Principal Dr. Williams is often in the halls, talking to students. He recently talked to juniors Ella Damaser (L) and Macy Smith, students in Madame Woods French Honors 2 class. The students were preparing to leave for a field trip to the Cedar Lee Theater to view a French language film.

Sept. 12, 2017 -- On the third day of school, Heights High principal Dr. Brian Williams invited students to grade level meetings in the auditorium. He introduced himself and talked about the new building as a symbol for a new era in Tiger Nation.

“The adults in this building are here to support and help you,” he said. He spoke about the new building and the responsibility of attending school in a brand new facility that was provided by our community.

“We have a collective commitment to treat this amazing place with respect and gratitude. What was given to us must be held as sacred space and treated with the utmost respect.” He also spoke about the importance of unity and community. “ We can live by the Latin phrase E pluribus unum: Out of many, one. We are many individuals, but we are also one Tiger Nation,” he said. 

He was clear that he has great respect and admiration for the students and also has high expectations for them. “We believe that there are no bad students, but sometimes students do make poor choices. Today we are letting you know our expectations. Once we know better, we do better,” he said.

When Dr. Williams introduced the assistant principals, guidance counselors and school social workers to the class of 2019 (juniors), the students clapped for each staff member. Dr Williams thanked the students for their polite clapping and said, “That shows love, and I appreciate that.” A student yelled out, “We love you.”

Dr Williams said, “I love you back, each and every one of you.”

After Dr. Williams spoke, Josh Luton, Dean of Students addressed the attendees. “I am a positive person,” he said. “And, I am here to support you and help you make choices that will help you graduate.” 

He outlined the school expectations:

Cell phones - our priority for students in the hallway is to travel to classrooms. 
  • Please remove earbuds when in the school - we want students to participate in the life of the school.
  • No talking, texting or photos in halls, please focus on walking to class.
  • In classrooms, teachers will outline their cell phone expectations.
Dress code - we want to create a safe, healthy environment for students.
  • No head covering - unless for religious or medical reasons, with a note from a parent.
  • No strapless tops. spaghetti strap tops or shirts that expose the body mid-section. 
  • No pants that are sagging and expose undergarments.
Cafeteria manners - please place trash in the garbage cans.

School Appropriate Language
No Profanity 

IDs - we expect all students and adults to wear their school ID

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