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Shrek, The Musical - Nov. 2-5

Oct. 20, 2017 -- The Heights High annual fall musical, Shrek, The Musical is November 2, 3 and 4, 7:00 p.m. and November 5, 4:00 p.m.

The show will be presented in the renovated Heights High auditorium at Cedar and Lee and will include more than 200 high school students performing in two casts, the pit orchestra and managing the backstage operations.

Students in lead roles in Shrek, The Musical: Grant Heineman, Tedd Byers, Bella Marotta and Sophie Gilson, (back row, L-R). Malcolm White, Hannah Gilson, Lily Kerr-Jung and Alyssa Smith, (front row, L-R).
Tickets are $15, $12 & $9 and are available online or 1-866-967-8167. For more information, call 216-320-3069.
See the show's playbill (program). 
 Role Cast A    Cast B
 Shrek Tedd Byers Tedd Byers
 Princess Fiona Sophie Gilson Hannah Gilson
 Donkey Malcolm White    Malcolm White
 Lord Farquaad Gerald Shazor Gerald Shazor
 Dragon Bella Marotta Alyssa Smith
 Gingy Lily Kerr-Jung Lily Kerr-Jung
 Pinocchio Grant Heineman Grant Heineman
 Big Bad Wolf Garrett Vandall Garrett Vandall
 Three Little Pigs Remi Godard Will Davis
  Caroline Imka Caroline Imka
  Connor Karboski Connor Karboski
 White Rabbit LaShaun Morrow LaShaun Morrow
 Fairy Godmother Clare Peppler Clare Peppler
 Peter Pan Christain Hall Christain Hall
 Wicked Witch Olivia Sormaz Olivia Sormaz
 Sugar Plum Fairy Lily Kerr-Jung Lily Kerr-Jung
 Ugly Duckling Chip Vandall Chip Vandall
 Three Bears - Papa Jackson Marshall Jackson Marshall
 Three Bears - Mama Mikaiah Truitt Mikaiah Truitt
 Three Bears - Baby Brooke Chaney Brooke Chaney
 Mad Hatter
 Jesse Grosse Jesse Grosse
 Humpty Dumpty Kiarah Balfour Kiarah Balfour
 Elf Hannah Timm Hannah Timm
 Dwarf Nareus Hardin Nareus Hardin
 Little Shrek  Abigail Burkle Jordan Kilgo
 Mama Ogre Mikaiah Truitt Erykah Hawkins
 Papa Ogre Jackson Marshall Jackson Marshall
 King Harold Zach Brust Zach Brust
 Queen Lillian Alexis Dixon Alexis Dixon
 Young Fiona Clara Walker Clara Walker
 Teen Fiona Sydney Ball Sydney Ball
 Captain of the Guards Hasson Majied Hasson Majied
 Knights Nareus Hardin Nareus Hardin
  Christian Hall Christian Hall
  Evan Pitts Evan Pitts
 Three Blind Mice Judea Lowe LaShaun Morrow
  Peyton Marshall Peyton Marshall
  Anyssa Hanna Anyssa Hanna
 Bluebird Sydney Ball Sydney Ball
 Bishop Peyton Marshall Peyton Marshall
 Thelonius Sukito Truitt Sukito Truitt
 Manny Vaughn Manny Vaughn

Nearly 175 elementary students and 60 middle school students will sing in the chorus.

The story is about a large green ogre named Shrek and fairytale characters who invade his swamp. The is love, an epic adventure with a princess, discussions of social acceptance and a really annoying donkey in this show.

The show’s theme of friendship and acceptance is relevant to the lead performers who spoke about the show.

“The finale song [This is Our Story] is really the theme of the show,” said senior Hannah Gilson, who plays Fiona with her twin sister Sophie. “The chorus is ‘we are different and united, you are us and we are you, this is our story,’ that describes Heights High and the Vocal Music Department,” she continued. 

Senior Bella Marotta (in the role of the dragon) said “Part of the show’s message is ‘yes, you might be a freak, but we accept you.’”

Junior Alyssa Smith (also in the role of dragon) loved learning the dance steps. “Working with a choreographer has been great,” she said.

The head of the dragon costume .

Senior Malcolm White plays the donkey. “Learning more about comedy and playing a role that gets to annoy people has been really fun,” he said.

The show’s producer is Vocal Music Director Jesse Lange. “This show is family friendly but with some great adult humor,” he said. “It has a healthy message for students and adults and uses our deep talent pool.”

The middle school and elementary students will perform in the chorus for several numbers. "We love including the younger students, it adds so much fun to the show. Most of our lead performers remember being in the fall musicals when they were younger. Now they get to be the role models for the next generation of Heights High performers," Lange continued.

Instrumental Music Director Dan Heim is directing the show’s pit orchestra. Forty six students will perform in two pit orchestra casts with senior Melanie Graham and junior Maria Tarnay in the role of concertmaster.

Five professional musicians will round out the orchestra, including alumnus Kelsey Ferguson, ‘12.

“The music challenging with some very fun songs,” said Mr. Heim. “ I'm especially thrilled to have so many students taking on this challenge with dedication and energy.”

The 25 Stage Crew members work under the direction of Keith Newman, the school’s technical theater director. “This show has great props and costumes,” he said. “And the dragon is pretty cool.” 

Mr. Newman guides the crew in designing and building sets, designing, hanging and focusing the lights, creating sound effects, placing microphones and speakers and programming the sound board. 

Heights alumnus Cory Molner (‘04) is helping with lighting design. 

Stage crew members Emma Hodges (with drill) Jericho Matheny, Christian Hall and Peter Williams (L-R).

Senior Maureen Rynes is the stage manager.

Mr. Newman and the stage crew also work with the Audio Engineering Program teacher Mark Bennekamper and his students.

The Career and Technical Education’s cosmetology program students will apply the stage makeup. Donna Pollard is the Cosmetology teacher and is coordinating the work.

Besides the students in the lead roles, many high school students are dancing and singing in the chorus.

And, last but not least, many parents are involved as volunteers in the following roles: ushers, costume support, rehearsal support, dialogue practice, transportation, feeding hungry actors and most important, loving and supporting the students. 

The lead roles in the musical:

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