Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Students Produce Administrator Interviews

Dec. 1, 2017 -- Seniors in Digital Video Production 2 class produced interviews with the Heights High principal, assistant principals and dean of students for a segment called “Administrative Sitdown.” Watch each of the videos below.

“We are in new building and it's a new era in Tiger Nation, so we wanted to talk to our leaders about that and share the videos with our student body and community,” said Digital Video teacher Cynthia Booker. “I think that because students wrote the questions and conducted the interviews that other students might have a deeper appreciation for the message.”

Students in this class learn how to produce a story by going through the five stages of production: development, pre-production, production, post production and distribution.

“The students were very excited about this project,” continued Mrs. Booker. “I especially was proud of how much thought and brainstorming the students did to prepare and write the interview questions.”

The students are enrolled in the Career Technical Education two-year Digital Video Production (DVP) Class. DVP1 is for juniors, and DVP2 is for seniors. 
Student Producers:
Dr. Williams video: Teantoine Brawley
Mr. Luton video: Robert Sherrills and Andrew Lewis
Mrs. Simeri video: Andrew Lewis and Walter Filmore
Dr. McKinnie video: Kennedi Dowell and Grayson Green
Mr. Nicklos video: Robert Sherrills
Mr. Fullerman video: DaJara McIntyre






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