Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

PHOTOS: Eighth Graders Become Chefs at Dewey's

Feb. 28, 2018 -- Heights Middle School eighth graders got to feel like chefs for a day at Dewey's Pizza in Cleveland Heights.  
During the kitchen tour, the students from Ms. Lynne Gaines' class learned the basics of food safety and restaurant operations. They also learned the various responsibilities of a chef including hiring, training and supervising food preparation staff; crafting original dishes; determining portion sizes and writing menus.

The tour culminated in a hands-on lesson as they prepared their own pizza.
Photos courtesy Andy Shue.
Students putting toppings on their pizzas 
Boys in the kitchen talking 
Boy with apron making pizza 
Boys eating pizza at table 
Boys eating pizza at table 
Boys eating pizza at table 
Boy drinking pop at table 
Boy eating pizza at table 

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