Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Heights Middle School Hosts Annual Spelling Bee

Dec. 12, 2017 -- Out of 14 participants and after 28 rounds of spelling, sixth-grader Sophia Muller took home the title of Heights Middle School Spelling Bee Champion.
Sophia's winning word at the December 5 bee was atonal. She is the overall champion and the Roxboro champion. Her name will be engraved on the Roxboro Spelling Bee trophy. Eighth-grader D’Angelo Clark came in second place for Roxboro and will represent the school at the county bee on March 10, 2018. 
Sophie Muller with trophy 
Spellers with teacher 
For Monticello, eighth-grader Kamiyah Shields is the champion and county bee representative. And earning second place for Monticello is seventh-grader Mira Whitaker-Kanner. Ruby Tugeau (sixth grade) came in third place; Amelia King (sixth grade) finished in fourth place; Clara Lyford (sixth grade) and Ida Shapiro (seventh grade) tied for fifth place. Congratulations to all!

The 14 spellers participating were Ruby Tugeau, Natalie Bier, Amelia King, Sophia Muller, Clara Lyford, Leela Manne, Scottlynn Henderson, Ida Shapiro, Mira Whitaker-Kanner, Jada Strother, Madison Fitzpatrick, Niya Robinson, D’Angelo Clark, and Kamiya Shields.
The words in the bee were (words that were misspelled are underlined):
Round 1: tomes, nursery, levied, roundabout, improvise, musician, precise, simulate, heralded, Mohawk, scenery, allowance, exterior, pacific  

Round 2: automated, committee, sconces, consecutive, appointed, geometry, scavenger, aerospace, subdivision, instantaneous, nausea, miracle

Round 3: alacrity, cordial, orchids, calamine, jauntily, composure, despondency, peroxide, sophomore, quantum

Round 4: amputation, linoleum, repugnance, impeccable, tapirs, flabbergasted, contagious, stevedores

Round 5: vociferous, reservoir, azalea, generalissimo, claustrophobic, monsieur


Rounds 6-10: annoyance, conspiracy, Hispaniola, chimpanzee, paralysis, sinewy, commendable, boisterously, tribulations, incessant, truculently, fluorescent, ricochet, methuselah, merengue, entrepreneurs, boroughs, propaganda, conundrum, piteously, pulmonary, clandestine, hermetically, expeditionaries

Rounds 11-18: mythos, pestiferous, frontispiece, raillery, incongruous, connubial, unpropitious, putrefaction, gauss, carabo, expatiated, formaldehyde, tete a tete, auspices, vicissitudes, coquelicot, Kilimanjaro, nebulosity, indolent

Rounds 19-28: xylorimba, tamara, hibiscus, spikenard, moedation, celiac, deja vous, delicatessen, medevac, liaise, tuberculosis, eburnated, tonsure, battlement, searingly, atonal

The following local businesses donated generously to our Champion and second place prize packages. Please let them know that you appreciated their support of our spelling program by supporting them, too!

Zagara’s Marketplace
The Cleveland Orchestra
Tommy’s Restaurant
Mac’s Backs Books on Coventry
On the Rise Artisan Breads & Pastries

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