Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Freshmen Present Cancer Research

Jan. 5, 2018 -- Freshmen in Leatrice Clark’s Honors Biology class presented their research about cancer in a gallery walk format in early December.

Students worked as individuals and in pairs to research a specific kind of cancer and display information on a poster.
Gianna Jackson and her Leukemia research poster.
The students presented the following information: location in the human body that is affected by the cancer, statistics about who is affected and recent trends in occurrence, treatments, screening and prevention. 

The poster presentations were graded on the above criteria and the research sources and presentation design.

“I encouraged students to choose a cancer that had affected a person in their life,” said Mrs. Clark.
“That made this assignment personal. I'm excited that they were able make relevant connections with concepts that we studied in class.”

Naaisr Allen and his research poster. 
Students in the two classes researched 16 different kinds of cancer. The cancer types that were selected by multiple teams were breast, lung, brain, thyroid, liver and leukemia.

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