Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Does Your Child Need Glasses?

Feb. 2, 2018 -- All CHUH School Nurses have gift certificates (vouchers) for families to use for FREE eye exams and FREE glasses for any CHUH student. The vouchers can be used at a local provider, listed on the voucher.

All students who did not pass the school vision screening and all students who have lost or broken their glasses are eligible for a free eye exam and free glasses with this voucher. 

The vouchers can be picked up from any school nurse, or contact your school nurse to arrange to have the voucher mailed home.
Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity…contact your school nurse today! 

Boulevard: Peggy Sivakoff, RN, or 216-320-4653
Canterbury: Margie Rossander, RN, or 216-320-4713
Fairfax: Cindy Rocco, RN, or 216-320-4805
Gearity: Peggy Sivakoff, RN, or 216-320-4854
Noble: Marcy Kaufman, RN, or 216-320-4905
Oxford: Cindy Rocco, RN, or 216-320-4955
Roxboro Elem: Marcy Kaufman, RN, or 216-320-4611
Hts. Middle School: Linda Rudy, RN, or 216-320-3519
Hts. High School: R_Varcelli, RN, or 216-320-3109
Hts. Options Program:  R_Varcelli, RN, or 216-320-3109

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