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Roxboro Scoop - November 17, 2017

Here’s the Scoop 11/171/7

Goal: We will increase the Performance Index Rating from a 95.6 to a 98.5 which will bring our report card rating to a B as measured by the 2017-2018 report card.

The last few weeks have been full of learning and lines of inquiry in the classrooms.  All of our students in grades K-5 have engaged in lessons aligned to the state standards and through their IB planners.  Teachers met in their IB TBTs and worked through their plans for their 2nd IB planners this past week.  Next week, we will finish working through our classroom data to determine if students are making adequate progress.  Our teachers examine classroom data weekly and benchmark data quarterly and they make adjustments in their student groups in order to best meet the needs of all their students.  We just finished the first trimester and report cards will be available on the parent portal and mailed home December 1

Today, we are kicking off KidStuff Coupon Book Fundraiser to benefit our sister school, the Dougbe River School.  Each family is receiving 2 books to sell.  If you choose to participate, the proceeds will be used to help our sister school with purchasing items for their instruction.  The fundraiser begins today and ends on Monday, December 11.  If you choose not to participate, please send the books back into school as they are not sample books.  If you do participate you send back the money collection envelope with $25 for each booklet purchased. If you purchase additional booklets they will be send home at the end of the sale. All of this information is included on the handout received with the books.   

So, you might be asking, what is our sister school?  The Dougbe River School is a school in Liberia, Africa that Roxboro has partnered with for the last 7 years.  Since the first shovel touched the soil to the accomplishments of the students happening over the last 5 years, Roxboro should be proud to have played a part in educating students across the ocean! The logo of the school was created by a student in Mrs. Arnett's class and is still used today (Ruby is now a freshman at HHS.) Check out the progress on their website:

Over the years, we have fund raised with the spirit days during International Education Week and with shopping nights at Ten Thousand Villages.  We have held concerts in the evening performed by our own parents from the Cleveland Orchestra and have partnered with the middle school.  This year, we are trying something different with our KidSuff Coupon books and we can't wait to see what our sister-school will do next! (school, bathrooms, self-sustaining farms, cafeteria, boarding dormitories, solar panels...)  Thank you for supporting our sister school.

As we get ready for Thanksgiving break, I sit and reflect on the first trimester of school and am truly thankful for the hard work and dedication of the teachers, staff, students and families.  Rox El is a great community of learners and I am thankful to be part of this team.  I hope everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable break!  

Upcoming Events

November 18 - PTA Parent’s Night Out 7:00P Parnell’s Pub 12425 Cedar Rd.

November 22-26 - No School, Thanksgiving Break

December 1 - PTA Teacher/ Staff Holiday Gift Campaign Kicks off

December 11 - End of the KidStuff Coupon Book Sale

December 13-14 - Holiday Book Fair

December 14 - 1st and 2nd Grade Vocal Concert 6:30P

December 21 - January 7 - No School, Winter Break

January 10 - PTA Meeting 6:00P

January 15 - No School, MLK day

January 30 - February 13 - One School One Book

January 30 - One School, One Book Kick of Assembly 9:15A

Roxboro Elementary School’s  IB Mission

    Our mission at Roxboro Elementary, in partnership with our families and the community, is to encourage our students to become respectful, positive, and compassionate lifelong learners.  

    We challenge our students to become involved in our world and engage in rigorous, inquiry-based curriculum.  We will provide diverse forms of assessment and participate in reflective learning.  

   Our students will find their passions, have confidence in their decisions, and develop the leadership skills to act for the good of all.