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Survey For National PTA School of Excellence
PTA members in a discussion

Nov. 10, 2017 -- This year, many of our PTA unit leaders are embarking on a year-long process of attaining recognition as a National PTA School of Excellence. The program provides a blueprint for gauging perceptions of family engagement from a variety of school-community stakeholders and building collaborative effort around student success. The Excellence program is aimed at making schools more welcoming, empowering families to become advocates, connecting them as part of the school decision-making process and further demonstrating how PTA can be partners in continuous school improvements. 

Families and staff members are invited to take the benchmark survey for each participating school. The surveys can be taken online and are due by November 15. After results are analyzed, a Roadmap to Success provides supportive guidance on reaching a collective goal with a focus on making improvement. There is also a chance for each participating school to win up to $2,000 of funding. 

Participating schools are Boulevard, Fairfax, Gearity, Noble, Oxford, Heights Middle School and Heights High School.

In a year identified as cultivating a culture of excellence, the Excellence program fits seamlessly into the plan that is built around progress, support and success for all students, families and staff.