Small Schools

Four Small Schools at Heights High

Each school has a learning theme and style, designed to give students choice and aimed at their interests.

Legacy New Tech School
focuses on the STEM disciplines (science, math, engineering. technology) and project based learning, integrating technology in the classroom, and fostering a strong culture of trust, respect, and responsibility. The Discovery Pathway - learning from the perspective of people interacting with the physical world.  Learn More »

Mosaic School of Fine and Performing Arts
gives students the opportunity to pursue their passion in the fine and performing arts whole also taking challenging academic courses. The Creativity Pathway - learning from the perspective of expressing and celebrating the human spirit.  Learn More »

REAL Early College High School...
The first ninth grade class enters in 2012-13. Students will take an accelerated schedule of classes with limited room for electives during freshman and sophomore year. Students will attend John Carroll University during their junior and senior years, earning both college and high school credit, and enrolled in both core classes and a wide variety of electives. This school does not have a single Pathway, rather students are engaged in all Pathways. Learn More »

The Renaissance School of Humanities & International Studies
focuses on developing students to be globally competent in a technology driven world with people from many countries.
The Society Pathway - learning from the perspective of people interacting with others. Learn More »