Student Services

The Student Services Department is responsible for providing support services to students and their families.  The following programs and personnel are part of student services:  school social work, school psychology, school counseling, nursing, speech/language services, special education, school attendance and the expulsion/appeals process.  Below is contact information and school assignments for district staff.   

Name   Position   Location   Phone   Email
Jeffrey W. Johnston, Ph.D.   Director of Student Services   Board of Education   (216) 320-2160
Lynda Holland   Confidential Admin. Asst.    Board of Education   (216) 320-2154


School Psychology Services

School psychologists provide consultation with teachers, families and other school staff to address the academic and behavioral needs of students as well as complete individual assessments as determined through the Problem Solving Team process.

Name   Position   Location(s)   Phone   Email
Mary Lou Fasko   School Psychologist   Noble
  (216) 320-5025
Michael Fiala   School Psychologist   CHHS-Mosaic
  (216) 320-3074
Deborah Finizia   School Psychologist   Gearity Early Childhood   (216) 320-4514  
William Friedson   School Psychologist   Fairfax
  (216) 320-5027            
Kathleen Kotnick   School Psychologist   Boulevard Gearity   (216) 320-5031    
Enid Gurney   School Psychologist   Gearity Early Childhood   (216) 371-6515                        
Melissa Lewis     School Psychologist   Oxford   (216) 320-4962  
Olga Vaynberg   School Psychologist   Roxboro ES
  (216) 320-5028  
Jeanne Wagoner   School Psychologist   Roxboro MS
CHHS- Legacy
CHHS- Pride
  (216) 320-3136                      
Cheryl Zawacki   School Psychologist   Bellefaire   (216) 320-8411


School Social Work Services

School social workers provide a link between the schools, family and community agencies to assist students and their families.  School social workers provide support for students in academic, behavioral and personal-social areas.

Name   Position   Location(s)   Phone   Email
Karen Allen   School Social Worker   Boulevard
  (216) 320-4669
Cindy Schmidt          School Social Worker   Fairfax
Roxboro ES
  (216) 320-5026
Wendy Burkey     School Social Worker   Middle Schools   (216) 320-5023
Caryl Yoo   School Social Worker   CHHS   (216) 320-3081
Barbara Bacon             School Social Worker   CHHS   (216) 320-3092
Josephine Shelton-Townes             School Social Worker   Bellefaire   (216) 320-8700    
Carmen Kottha   School Social Worker   Bellefaire   (216) 320-8700


Nursing Services

The school nurse acts as a liaison between home, school and the health care community agencies to assist students and their families with health and medical issues or concerns.  The school nurse provides first aid for students and staff, health consultation for students, parents and staff, as well as state mandated health screenings and assessments.

Name   Position   Location(s)   Phone   Email
Chris Bell   School Nurse-Head   CHHS    (216) 320-3109
Marcy Kaufman   School Nurse   Noble
Roxboro ES
  (216) 320-4905
(216) 320-4611
(216) 320-3719
Linda Rudy   School Nurse   Roxboro MS
  (216) 320-3519
(216) 320-4955
(216) 320-4713
Peggy Sivakoff   School Nurse   Gearity PS
  (216) 320-4854
(216) 320-3109
(216) 320-4653
Rose Varcelli   School Nurse   Fairfax
  (216) 320-4805
(216) 320-8355
(216) 320-3405


Speech/Language/Hearing Services and English Language Learners (ELL) Program:

In addition to providing speech and language therapy to students with identified disabilities, the speech/language pathologists supervise the ELL program in each building.  Language aides, under the supervision of the speech/language pathologists, provide direct instruction and classroom support to students from grades PreK-12 for whom English is a second language.

Name   Position   Location(s)   Phone   Email
Elenny Tuleta   Speech/Language Pathologist Coordinator   Board of Education
  (216) 320-2070
Reeva Perse   Speech/Language Pathologist   Gearity Early Childhood   (216) 320-4516
Kathy Ursu   Speech/Language Pathologist   Gearity Early Childhood and Elementary   (216) 371-6515
Kim Cahn   Speech/Language Pathologist   Fairfax
Roxboro ES
  (216) 320-5016
Amanda Geil   Speech/Language Pathologist   Canterbury
  (216) 320-5019
Rishona Lee   Speech/Language Pathologist   Boulevard
  (216) 320-5030
Marilyn Gardner   Speech/Language Pathologist   Bellefaire
Roxboro MS
  (216) 320-5022


Special Education Eligibility and Services

When a parent or teacher has academic or behavioral concerns about a student, a request for consultation is made to the school Problem Solving Team.  Members of the team may vary based upon presenting concerns; however the parents are a critical component to this process.  One of the team’s primary functions is to develop interventions and supports to address the targeted areas of concern.  If a disability is suspected, parents are involved in the subsequent planning of the assessment and determination of eligibility (as defined by state and federal law).  The school district is responsible for identifying all children birth through 21 years of age, who may have a disability.
When a student is determined eligible for special education, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed to address the areas of need by: identifying goals and determining the appropriate special education services and the least restrictive environment to deliver the services.  For preschool children, the continuum of special education services may range from supports in the home/day care or typical preschool, to a preschool classroom that includes preschool children with disabilities and typically developing preschoolers.  These classes are co-taught by an early childhood teacher and an early childhood special education teacher.  For school age children, the continuum of services may include: special education teacher services within the general education classroom, individual or small group instruction (within or outside of the classroom), and special education resource rooms.  The district is required to provide services to identified children three through 21 years of age.In addition to special education teacher services, related services may be included in the IEP to support identified goals.  Examples of related services are:  speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, orientation and mobility training, adapted physical education, work study services and vocational special education.

Name   Position   Location   Phone   Email
Hollis Munoz, Ph.D   Coordinator of Special Education
  Board of Education   (216) 320-2158
Judy Dell’Aquila, Ph.D   Coordinator of Special Education
  Board of Education   (216) 320-2066   J_Dell’
Rose Pickens   Staff Assistant   Board of Education   (216) 371-7435
Charlene Rice   Staff Assistant   Board of Education   (216) 371-7435


Attendance Assistance for Students and Parents (AASAP)

AASAP is a truancy prevention and mediation program serving elementary, middle and high school students who have been identified as truant or at risk of becoming truant.  ASSAP staff work with students, parents/guardians, and school personnel to develop plans to assist each student with improving their attendance.   Following a mediation hearing, students may participate in individual or small group sessions to learn skills such as: making better choices, problem solving, and time management.  ASSAP staff also assists with referrals to other school or community resources.  In accordance with Ohio law, ASSAP files truancy charges with Juvenile Court, makes referrals to the Department of Children and Family Services and revokes driving privileges of truant youth, when necessary.

Name   Position   Location   Phone   Email
Faith Gordon    School Social Worker   CHHS-Mosaic
  (216) 320-3066
Allison Craig    School Social Worker   CHHS-Real
Roxboro MS
  (216) 320-3017
Kristin Dadas   School Social Worker   CHHS-Legacy
CHHS-Success Connect
  (216) 320-3210


School Counselors

At the elementary level, a Child Services Specialist provides individual, small group and large group interventions in order to maximize student learning.  Each elementary school has a Child Services Specialist.  Each middle school has two Guidance Counselors.  School Guidance counselors are available at the high school for educational, career and personal-social issues.

Name   Position   Location   Phone   Email
Kristie Cooper   Guidance Counselor
  CHHS   (216) 320-3067
Michael Dixon   Guidance Counselor   CHHS - Legacy   (216) 320-3068
Katie Cahn   Guidance Counselor   CHHS - Mosaic   (216) 320-3057
Tandra Menefee   Guidance Counselor   CHHS - Pride   (216) 320-3090
Mary Ann Brennan   Guidance Counselor   CHHS - Real   (216) 320-3069
Haethem Rasul   Guidance Counselor   CHHS - Renaissance   (216) 320-3002
Kim Lash   Guidance Counselor   CHHS – Citywide   (216) 320-3073
Mary Anderson   Guidance Counselor   CHHS – Tech Ed   (216) 320-3045
Barbara Carl   Guidance Counselor   Bellefaire   (216) 320-8700
Marvin Watson   Guidance Counselor   Bellefaire   (216) 320-8700
Jennifer Colvin   Guidance Counselor   Monticello   (216) 320-3715
Joan Organ   Guidance Counselor   Monticello   (216) 320-3716
Ann Bradley   Guidance Counselor   Roxboro Middle   (216) 320-3507
David Peake   Guidance Counselor   Roxboro Middle   (216) 320-3510
Heather Higham   Guidance Counselor   Wiley    (216) 320-3430
Melanie Lesar   Guidance Counselor   Wiley    (216) 320-3093
Mary Wise   Child Services Spec.   Boulevard   (216) 320-4654
Betsy Vegel   Child Services Spec.   Canterbury   (216) 320-4705
Jessica Stringer   Child Services Spec.   Fairfax   (216) 320-4804
Kimberly Woods   Child Services Spec.   Gearity   (216) 320-4855
Channon Cotton   Child Services Spec.   Noble   (216) 320-4908
Michele Jackson   Child Services Spec.   Oxford   (216) 320-4954
Gladys McCauley   Child Services Spec.   Roxboro ES   (216) 320-4614


Expulsion & Appeals

When a student is being considered for expulsion, the student and parent will be provided with a formal notice of the proposed expulsion.  This written notice will include the reasons for the intended expulsion, notification of the opportunity to appear in person before the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee to challenge the reasons for the expulsion and/or explain the student’s action, and notification of the time and place to appear.  Students being considered for expulsion may be removed immediately.  Please review the Student Code of Conduct for more information regarding the expulsion and appeals process.  

Name   Position   Location   Phone   Email
Reggie Williams, Esq.   Impartial Hearing Officer            
Barbara Bacon             School Social Worker   CHHS   (216) 320-2049