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Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Guidance Counseling

Counselor's Corner

Welcome to the Noble Elementary Schools' Counselor’s Corner
Tiger Proud & Bully Free

School Counselor: Patricia Buckner

Phone: 216-320-4908


What does an elementary school counselor do?

~ Helps ALL children

~ Teaches classroom guidance lessons (focused on: bully free curriculum, understanding of self and others, communication skills, decision making skills, conflict resolution skills, and career exploration)

~ Serves as a permanent member of the Student Assistance Team

~Assists with crisis intervention

~ Works with children individually and in small groups

~ Consults with parents and teachers

~ Coordinates New Student Ambassador Program

~ Small & Individual group counseling

~Act as a consultant and referral source between school, parents, and community

~Parent presentations and/or community collaboration to support student success

~Coordinate School testing and support students

What might a student talk about while in the counseling office?

~ strategies in conflict resolution

~feelings about him/herself

~ difficulty in making or getting along with friends

~ a family problem

~ a school problem

~ a fear or worry

~ a physical concern

~the need for extra support with difficult situations

What might a student do in the counselor’s office?

~talk about things that are important to children

~reinforce classroom lesson strategies employed in Second Step Curriculum

~ use games, books and conversation starters to help children resolve conflict

~ talk about feelings

~ work on a plan to reach a goal /implement plan to meet student needs

~ read stories that help students learn and understand more about themselves

~ use as a safe place to calm down when feeling upset

~ play games to learn ways to relate to others

~ Actively participate in Tiger Proud & Bully Free strategies for happy & healthy school climate.

How does a student get to see the counselor?

~ the student may ask to go to the counselor’s office or fill out a special kid’s referral form

~ the teacher or principal can send him or her

~ Mom, Dad or another care provider can request counseling services

~ a school friend may invite him or her for a special visit

In any counseling situation, confidentiality is maintained except:

1. In cases of suspected abuse or neglect.

2. If a child poses a danger to self or others.

3. The child and/or parent/guardian gives permission to share information.
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