Telehealth Medical Care


Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Telehealth Medical Care

Cleveland Clinic Medical Care Partnership

Cleveland Clinic
The Heights High School Nurses use the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) Telehealth program to provide medical care for Heights High students.
To receive treatment for their students, parents/guardians must complete the forms below to enroll students in the program. Once enrolled, the student may use the CCF medical services for as long as they remain in the CH-UH schools.
If a student has a sore throat, ear ache, skin rash or an eye irritation, the school nurses can use a CCF issued tablet to connect to a pediatric health care provider who will consult with the nurse and student to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan.
Once a diagnosis is determined, the provider can refer the student for further testing, prescribe medication, or refer to a specialist.
Additional follow up services, such as lab work, will be available at the CCF Beachwood location M-F, until 9 p.m.
To be eligible for the CCF service, families must complete these forms:
Consent Form

Please read these forms:
Patient Rights and Responsibilities

After completing the forms, parents/guardians can scan the documents and send to Rose Varcelli at or bring the forms to the Heights High main office or the nurses office.
Parents can call the nurses office for more information, 216-320-7101.
“Our goal is to keep students in school and make it easier for parents to access medical care for their students,” said Heights High School Nurse Rose Varcelli.
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