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Video: 2nd Graders at Boulevard Offer Support During Math Lessons

Feb. 12, 2020 -- Remember that dreaded moment in math class when you had to get up in front of the entire class to complete an equation on the chalkboard? Well, in Staci Cohen’s 2nd grade class at Boulevard Elementary, students are so supportive of one another that they clap and cheer each other on whenever their classmates solve math problems, even if it's just to congratulate good effort.

Cohen's 2nd graders recently mastered “ungrouping” (what used to be called “subtraction with borrowing.") Having started with base-one, base-ten, and base-hundred blocks to gain a physical understanding, students turned a hundred-block into ten ten-blocks, and a ten-block into ten one-blocks. The class then advanced on to paper and pencil methods for further conceptual practice.

Ms. Cohen captured videos of her students eager to “show what they know” using the SmartBoard. “The classroom culture is very supportive” said Cohen, “the kids genuinely get excited for each other when there is success!”

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