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Technology Reminders & GoGuardian Info for Families

Mar. 17, 2023 -- All students in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District use technology as part of their instructional program. Students in grades 3-12 are assigned Chromebooks to use at school and home. Please remind your student to: 
  • Keep the Chromebook in the always-on, zippered case
  • Charge the Chromebook each night
  • Bring the Chromebook to school every day 

How are we using GoGuardian?
To help keep your student safer and support our instructional goals, we have online services provided by GoGuardian. We utilize GoGuardian Admin and GoGuardian Teacher services to:
  • Help protect students against harmful and inappropriate online material
  • Help students stay scholarly and more focused when learning online
  • Help assess students’ progress towards class assignments
  • Facilitate communication between teachers and students during class time

When and how does GoGuardian operate?
GoGuardian’s web-based services operate on our school’s managed Google Suite for Education Chrome accounts. This means that GoGuardian only works when a student is logged into the Chrome browser with his/her school email address. GoGuardian functions on district Chromebooks or other personal devices if a student is signed into Chrome with a school account. 
What are the school’s responsibilities?
Cleveland Heights-University Heights City Schools selected GoGuardian services to help our students stay safer and more engaged online. We work with students during class time to help teach them digital responsibility and safety. Additionally, we train teachers about how to operate GoGuardian and about our policies and procedures to help protect student privacy.

What are the parental/guardian and student responsibilities?
We ask that students use their school-managed Google accounts and school-managed devices for educational purposes within the boundaries of Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District’s Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety Board Policy 7540.03.

When a student is off campus, parents are responsible for supervising internet access and usage. We encourage you to discuss rules for appropriate internet usage with your student, and reinforce lessons of digital citizenship and safety with him or her. We also highly encourage you to report any potential cyberbullying or other sensitive issues to us.
Our CHUH families now have access to GoGuardian Parent, a mobile app to help keep parents/guardians aware of your student's activity on school-issued devices and provide you with additional controls during out-of-school hours (weekdays 4 pm to 7 am and weekends). GoGuardian Parent is a companion to the classroom management and internet filtering tools that your student's school uses for devices issued to students. Through the use of this app, we hope to encourage more open and honest conversations between parents and students that will result in safer practices and responsible browsing habits.
What is GoGuardian Parent?
GoGuardian Parent was created to help provide additional educational support to administrators and teachers by allowing parents to see what sites and documents their children are browsing and providing parents with additional internet controls at home. The app gives parents a bird's eye view of the apps and websites that their kids are on most often and control over school-issued devices during out-of-school hours. With this perspective, parents can be made aware of what types of browsing behavior schools are seeing from students so they can all work together to encourage more effective internet browsing habits at home and at school.

What's the intention of the app?
By providing insight and controls over student browsing activity, our goal is to empower parents to take a more active role in their student's online learning. We aim to create a greater sense of transparency with student browsing to help bring about a greater sense of accountability on both the parent's and the student's part. We also believe that transparency and insight will increase the likelihood of productive student browsing habits on a more consistent basis.
What is included in this app:
  • Top 5 summary of student browsing (apps, extensions, documents, and websites visited)
  • Teacher interventions
  • 30-day view of websites, video sites, documents, apps, and extensions
  • Ability to block websites* on school-issued devices during out-of-school hours
  • Ability to pause internet access* on school-issued devices during out-of-school hours, either on-demand or at a scheduled time

*There may be a slight delay after you program this to begin.

To access the app, please follow these instructions:
1. Download the app
iPhone: Visit App Store, search for GoGuardian Parent, and tap the download button.
Android: Visit Google Play Store, search for GoGuardian Parent, and tap the download button.
2. After the app is successfully downloaded and installed, open it up and enter the parent/guardian email address, which is likely the address you use to login to Infinite Campus.  (This is not your student’s email address.)  Note: If you forgot your registered email address, please contact your school to check Infinite Campus.
3. Login/Check Email: Check your email on your phone for a link to log in to the app. Tap the "Verify your email", and it will take you straight to the app. Note: If you don't have access to your email through the device you used to log in, tap on "Login with verification code", and copy and paste the verification code from the email into the app.

Visit the 
GoGuardian Help Center for step-by-step support.  If you have any questions, call the CH-UH Tech Support Line at (216) 397-5910.

How does my student’s Gmail account work? 
All students enrolled in our district have Google accounts to login to their Chromebooks. This account also provides access to Gmail for communication with teachers and peers. Based on a Google audit, we are following recommended safety and security practices. Students in grades preK-9 receive and send internal emails (within from their district Google accounts. Parents may request to have their email addresses whitelisted to allow for communication with their student(s), and our IT Department is happy to help with that. To request to have your family’s email address added to our whitelist, please call the CH-UH Tech Support Line at (216) 397-5910. 

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