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District Salutes Our Veterans, First Responders

Nov. 11, 2022 -- It's the season to give thanks, and CH-UH expresses its sincere gratitude to our employees who have served our country, both in the military and as first responders. We've listed our district's veterans along with photos and facts about their service:
Cathan Cavanaugh
U.S. Navy Reserve, 2011-2018
Rank: E-5 (Petty Officer Second Class)
Job/MOS: Hospital Corpsman (Dental Assistant)
District position: Supervisor of Communications 

Nikia Cleveland
U.S. Navy, 2000-2008
Rank: E-5 (Petty Officer Second Class)
Job/MOS: Information Technology
Served in Enduring Iraqi Freedom and response efforts during Hurricane Katrina
District position: IT Support Specialist

Keisha Cox
U.S. Air Force, 1992-2002
Rank: E-5 (Staff Sergeant)
Job/MOS: Inventory Management Specialist
District position: Staff Assistant, Accounts Payable 

Patrick Dooner
U.S. Army, 1985-1987
Rank: E-4 (Specialist)
Job/MOS: Stinger Missile Team Chief/Gunner
Served in the Second Infantry Division Korea and the First Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas
District position: First Grade Teacher at Canterbury Elementary

Brenda Gadowski
U.S. Army, 1984-1987
Rank: E-4 (Specialist)
Job/MOS: 68J, Aircraft Fire Control Repairer
Served at Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, Georgia  
District position: Administrative Assistant at Canterbury Elementary

Greg Jakab
Ohio National Guard, 16 years served
Rank: E-5 (Sergeant)
Job/MOS: Tank and Heavy Equipment Mechanic
District position: Head Custodian at Roxboro Elementary

Karen LaBoda
San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept., 2006-2011
Job: Citizen volunteer with West Valley Mounted Posse Search and Rescue  
District position: Administrative Assistant, Information Technology
I specialized as an ATV handler. The unit also had a foot patrol & horse unit. During my
years with the Posse, I was a ready responder (first responder) and held board positions
of unit secretary and vice-commander.

Terrance Menefee
U.S. Marine Corps, 1969-1971
District position: School Cleaner at Roxboro Middle

Kimberly Peterson
U.S. Air Force, 1985-1989
Rank: E-5 (Sergeant)
Job: Bio-Environmental Engineering
District position: Educational Paraprofessional at Roxboro Middle
I worked with OSHA and EPA to make sure employees were safe on their jobs by conducting different surveys and tested potable water in schools, hospitals, cafeterias, pools and offices for chlorine, fluoride and E. coli. I tested pollution water that was run off from cleaning the aircraft to make sure the farmers' land was not tainted. My high-school sweetheart, who is also an Air Force veteran, and I were married in Germany. We enjoyed traveling to other countries in Europe on the weekend with our friends.

George Petkac
U.S. Air Force, 20 years served (retired)
Rank: E-6 (Technical Sergeant)  
Jobs/MOS: Intelligence (Photo Interpreter), HVAC Tech, Recruiter, Contract Management
District position: Director of Business Services & Operations

William Porter
U.S. Marine Corps, 1999 - 2006
Rank: E-5 (Sergeant)
Job: Diesel Mechanic
District position: Head Custodian at Boulevard Elementary
Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom

TeKara Ray-Carnegie
United States Air Force, 2000-present
Rank: O-4 (Major)
Job/MOS: Medical Service Officer
District position: Instructional Specialist
I started in the military as a Medic, commissioned in 2008 to an officer. I now serve at Wright-Patterson AFB OH in the United States Air Force Reserves.

Margie McCoy Rossander
U.S. Army, 1984-1989
Rank: O-3 (Captain)
Job/MOS: Nurse Corps Officer
District position: School Nurse at Roxboro Elementary and Canterbury Elementary

Elizabeth Salem
U.S. Navy, 3 years served & 9 years reserves
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Job/MOS: Naval Hospital San Diego (Nurse Officer)
District position: Nurse at Monticello Middle


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