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Chinese Language Students, East Asian Club Dine at Local Chinese Restaurant

June 21, 2022 -- Chinese Language students and East Asian Club members took an end-of-year field trip to Richie Chan’s Chinese restaurant, directly across the street from the high school. After 2 years of not having the annual field trip, students were excited for the opportunity to go as a class. Students greeted the staff and ordered dishes in Chinese, which was a great learning opportunity for them. They enjoyed their meal and were given oranges for “good luck and happiness” as a gift from the restaurant's owner.

Read reactions from Heights students who participated in the field trip below:

“Going on the field trip to the Chinese restaurant was amazing. We were able to eat amazing food and order the food in Chinese, along with learning other words.”
-Asaaju Brewer

”The field trip we took on Friday was good. For some positives, the food at the restaurant was good and it was nice to walk to the restaurant on a nice day. The field trip did feel unique compared to every other field trip I've been on. It was good and definitely worth the $5. ”
-Jayden Honaker

“It was a very enjoyable experience and we got to learn about Chinese culture and customs for meals. It's always fun to have a cultural experience with friends and classmates.”
-Andrew Engelmann

“This field trip was a great learning experience for me and it was also a lot of fun. I really got to learn about Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine during this project. I also got to practice Chinese during this field trip by ordering food in Chinese. I learned how to show respect while eating in Chinese restaurants and use chopsticks, which is a very important skill in life. I had a lot of fun on this field trip and hope I can do similar things in the future.”
-Mason Spieth

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