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Tiger Nation PE Teacher Encourages Physical Activity at Home
Get moving at home
Apr. 15, 2020 -- Heart health and physical activity are important to Roxboro Elementary Physical Education teacher Vince Nemeth. With schools closed and families staying home, he is concerned that students are not getting enough exercise.
In late March, his letter to the editor Keep our kids healthy while schools are closed with a daily heart-healthy activities plan was published in the Plain Dealer.
His letter included a link to a graphic that illustrates fun ways for children, teens and adults to incorporate physical activity at home.
In the letter he writes:

Setting daily physical activity goals and finding ways to stay active is important for children’s mental and physical health – which are even more important in times of crisis.

Staying active can help children reduce the stress and anxiety that can occur in times of crisis compounded by being disconnected from their friends at school. Only 20 percent of kids get enough activity to meet physical activity recommendations, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). Putting an extra emphasis while school is paused can help prevent sedentary habits from sprouting.
Mr. Nemeth has been a PE teacher for 30 years, 21 in the CHUH District.