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Scholarship Committee Pays for Heights Grad's Police Academy Tuition
Travis receiving diploma from police chief
Feb. 27, 2019 -- The Officer Jason D. West Memorial Scholarship Committee has paid the police academy tuition in full for Heights High alumnus Travis Thompson.

Thompson received the Officer Jason D. West Memorial Scholarship in 2013. The scholarship was established by the residents of Cleveland Heights together with family, friends and fellow officers of West, who tragically lost his life in the line of duty on May 26, 2007 while protecting the citizens of Cleveland Heights. The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who exemplifies West’s dedication to law enforcement and who plans on pursuing a career in law enforcement or criminal justice. 
After graduating from Heights High School, Thompson attended the University of Maryland. He then transferred to Kent State University and continued his studies in Criminology and Criminal Justice.
In 2018, Travis was accepted to the Cleveland Heights Police Academy. The scholarship committee paid the full tuition for Travis to attend. On December 12 of that year, Travis graduated from the academy and received his diploma from Chief of Police Annette M. Mecklenburg.
Since 2008, the committee has awarded 17 scholarships. Two recipients went on to be accepted to the Cleveland Heights Police Academy. The scholarship committee has paid the full academy tuition for two Heights graduates.

The scholarship is a two-year award of $500 or more per year for two years, and may be used by the recipient for tuition or books. The awards are made at the end of the recipient’s senior year at Heights High School. A second award is given to the recipient after he or she completes their freshman year of college or technical school and meets the scholarship requirements.
Those applying for the scholarship must have attended the Criminal Justice Program at Heights High for a minimum of 2 years, passed the state’s OPATA test, and received acceptance to a two or four-year accredited college or technical school.
Travis with woman and diploma