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Noble Elementary Named PTA National School of Excellence
Aug. 25, 2021 -- Noble Elementary is approaching this new school year with extra pride, having just been recognized as a PTA National School of Excellence. The two-year distinction is bestowed on schools after they demonstrate a partnership between the PTA and school that “enriches the educational experience and overall well-being for all students,” according to the National PTA website.

Noble PTA President Nadiyah Freeman, who worked with her executive committee on the application for two years thanks to COVID delays, said the recognition “symbolizes our incredible work as national leaders in developing strong family-school partnerships.”

The PTA executive committee worked hard to maintain connection with families during the long school closure, creating a sense of community even without face-to-face contact. “Earning this during COVID really speaks to all the hard work our PTA does,” said Principal Patrick Carpenter. 

Ms. Freeman hopes that this recognition, which comes with a large banner to display outside the school, helps remind the community that Noble really is a school of excellence. “We have a strong and connected school community that is dedicated to the success and nurturing of our scholars. However, it doesn’t seem like the Noble community, in general, is always viewed in a positive way.” She hopes this prestigious recognition will change some minds.

Mr. Carpenter also hopes that it will spark curiosity in other parents and encourage them to participate. “We have a small but mighty PTA executive team,” he said. “This will show people that there are great things happening and great ways to be involved. I hope this creates space for everyone – parents, grandparents, neighbors, to get involved with our school and PTA.”

With more engagement, Ms. Freeman believes the PTA can offer more opportunities “that further support our scholars’ social and emotional development and enhance their ability to achieve academically. When we receive our banner, we hope to display it proudly, so that our scholars know that they are attending a School of Excellence and that they are worthy of every opportunity that is available to them.” 

PTA School of Excellence