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Online Summer Learning Activities Through Exact Path, Edgenuity
June 29, 2021 -- With summer now in full swing, students and families have settled into routines of traveling, playing outside and keeping cool at the pool or beach. Adding reading and math activities to that summertime fun can help get students ready for the next school year. Research has shown that students who do 2-3 hours of academic work each week throughout the summer start the school year 3 months ahead of their peers who do not engage in summer reading and math activities.

In order to help prevent the summer slide, the CH-UH Schools have provided resources for students in grades K-12 to keep the learning going all summer long. Your child can use their district Chromebook or personal computer/tablet to access these resources through their CH-UH Clever account. Use of these resources throughout the summer are not required, but are strongly recommended to help students prepare for the 2021-2022 school year.

Students entering K-6: Exact Path
Exact Path provides a personalized learning path for your individual student based on their NWEA MAP scores from last school year. If your child doesn’t have MAP scores from last school year, they can still begin their learning path and it will adjust to their level based on how they answer the questions and complete the activities. Exact Path Information Sheet

Students entering 7-12: Edgenuity Booster Courses
These self-paced Math and ELA courses help students review and practice key concepts that will prepare them for the courses they will take this fall. Once logged into the CH-UH Clever Account, click on the Edgenuity/Courseware icon. Students will be prompted to watch the orientation video and then will see their CH-UH Prep courses. These booster courses are optional. These are not credit recovery courses and students do not earn credit for completing the booster modules. Students take a pre-assessment to gauge their proficiency level and the lessons are then delivered to help strengthen skills not already mastered.  

Summer Reading
One of the best ways to stop summer learning loss is to read! Whether it is with a family member, with a friend or reading to the family pet, getting students to read for at least 20 minutes per day is as necessary as lemonade on a 90 degree day! Make sure to visit the Heights Libraries for in person fun, or check out the K-12 Summer Reading webpage to see what is happening with Summer Reading in CH-UH!