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Video: TV Production Club Demonstrates Proper Mask Wearing
Nov. 16, 2021 -- The Heights High School TV Production Club students created a short “Mask Public Service Announcement” film to quickly bring awareness to the proper way to wear masks. After brainstorming many ideas and considering the impact their project could have on the student body, they decided to share what best supports keeping Tiger Nation healthy. 

The students approached this filming project by writing scripts that would be easily understandable and capture the attention of their peers. Next, they decided on the various shots they would need to develop an effective storyline. Student actors then rehearsed their lines and edited the completed video

The shooting process took three days and editing took close to two weeks. This was a quick turn-around as students were completing this project on top of their school work; however, with much engagement and determination, they were successful and gained valuable experience. In the end, the students were proud of the outcome.