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Monticello's Power of the Pen Competes in Lake Erie Tournament
Jan. 24, 2023 -- 7th and 8th grade students at Monticello Middle School worked diligently throughout the first semester of the school year in preparation of the Lake Erie District 1 Power of the Pen Tournament at Lake Erie College. Students committed study hall periods and many hours after school to writing, writing workshops, and team discussions. They received praise on their essays for being natural storytellers, having unique perspectives and good use of descriptive details to propel their stories. 

Graded on creativity and cohesiveness, students were required to write three rounds of essays on different topics. Some of the titles of their compositions were: The Tale of the Book, Unforgivable, Unbelievable Snake, 12/19/05, and Carnage. Students stated that they greatly enjoyed the experience and had fun competing in the tournament and meeting new friends.

8th grade participants representing the school were Jeremiah Butler-Shields, Jayonna Cranfield, Macy Meilstrup, Carson Mitchell, Finian Mouncey, Allen White, and alternates Jaevion Brunson and Raymond Williams. The 7th grade students were Arianna Alexander, Raven Ellens, Shane Hido, Kyla Westberry, Tyler Wilson, and Ophelia Romano. 6th grade students Lila French, Caycee Hall, Imani Ingrahm, and Jalia Wyley also joined in on the event acting as runners, getting to see first hand what the competition looks like and what they can look forward to next year as actual competitors.

The Power of the Pen Advisors, Ms. Durrah, Mrs. Norman, and Mrs. MacDonald congratulated the students for their hard work and dedication. The advisors stated that they are excited to review student progress and celebrate successes with their teams.

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Monticello's Power of the Pen team, 2023