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Noble Explorers Take Digital Excursion To Africa
Feb. 5, 2024 -It’s a big world and the Noble Explorers staff is committed to helping the little Explorers see it. Explorers is a 21st Century grant-funded program at Noble Elementary School. The program takes place every day after school. Students are challenged to explore -- STEM exploration, career exploration, business exploration, or world exploration.

For January, Noble Explorers took a digital excursion to Africa. Over the month, students made drums, learned Kiswahili words, and learned about various aspects of African culture. On excursion day, students boarded the virtual plane with their passports and Explorer dollars that they earned during the month through good school attendance and helping out in the classroom. To get the full plane experience, students watched a video of a plane take off while the stewardess came around to pass out snacks. Explorers experienced Africa through videos of the pyramids in Egypt, a safari in Uganda, and aerial views of popular tourist sites and cities.  

At the end of the trip, students tasted authentic African food, such as fufu, callaloo, lentil stew, hibiscus tea, and plantain chips. At the end, students used their Explorer dollars to purchase items from the souvenir shop. This month, students were able to purchase jewelry and tumbler cups. The experience allows students to be able to experience other cultures and financial literacy in real time.

Next up, Japan!