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Noble's Morning News Show Builds School Pride
Apr. 9, 2024 -- “Noble is the place … where we are amazing.” Those words are part of the jingle that Noble Elementary students and staff listen to each morning along with the day’s announcements. But this year, thanks to the work and vision of instructional coach Erik Rozsa, students can watch the announcements instead of just listening, as they view each day’s Noble Morning Show.

The approximately 6- to 8-minute video is filled with fun graphics, videos, a student reporter, and regular features like News, Pledges, Lunch, Shout-Outs and Reflections. With everything from the day’s lunch menu to student or staff birthdays, the Noble Morning Show helps connect the school community and build “Noble pride.”

Rozsa, who is new to Noble this year after six years in Glenville, says he had a similar program growing up in Chagrin Falls. “If we were able to pull that off with 90s technology,” he said, “then we should definitely be able to do it here, with SmartBoards and YouTube.”

Every month, the show features a new video set to the same “Noble is the Place” theme song. The video sometimes features video graphics, avatars of teachers running to win the “attendance race,” or groups of students singing and dancing along, such as this intro for November.

For each morning’s broadcast, Rozsa he chooses one student who has embodied of the priorities he refers to as “the Big Four:” Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Kind. That student, who can be recommended by a teacher or staff member or selected by Rozsa himself, becomes the reporter for the next day’s broadcast.

They always film one day in advance to allow for proper editing and Rozsa writes out each day’s script, which he and the chosen student then read off a prompter. Students from kindergarten through grade 5 have had the opportunity to act as reporters. After recording, they bring home a business card that includes the QR code to the next day’s video so parents and family members can watch along.

“The feedback I’ve gotten from parents and teachers is amazing,” said Rozsa.

The show boasts fun features like the Shoe Cam, where the resident reporter gets to show off their kicks for the day. They also interview staff members, especially those who are new to the building or their role, which helps students and families put a face to a name and feel more connected to the school.  

In each day’s Reflection section, Rozsa and the student-reporter address a positive trait or a technique for handling obstacles or conflicts that classes can discuss during the Circle Time. One day, they discussed being proactive and having a plan for how to handle difficult situations; another, they brainstorm examples of kind words to use with friends and classmates.

Rozsa is using the school’s YouTube channel to include more than just each day’s Morning Show. He’s added interviews with important Noble leaders, read-alouds for children to access from home, and videos of musical concerts and productions for families who are unable to attend.

“I am really into celebrating and lifting up our best selves,” said Rozsa, who is helping Noble be the place where that happens every single day.