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Starting 1/26/2023 and ending on 1/26/2023
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• Roxboro Middle - Roxboro Middle Events
MetroHealth is coming back to Roxboro Middle!  The mobile unit will be here Thursday January 26, 2023, Metro’s pediatricians can help your student with checkups, immunizations, sports physicals, prescriptions, medication orders for the school nurse, referrals to specialists, and mental and behavioral health issues. Our team also offers SDOH support services EX. Help obtaining food and clothing. Assistance with finding housing, Utility bill assistance, transportation…ETC.
If you’ve already filled out a consent form, no need to do another one.  If you haven’t, you can find one in the front office, or online at the CHUH.org homepage.  You only need to do this form ONCE in their K-12 career and you’ll be able to benefit from Metro services as much or little as you need.   
If you’d like an appointment on 1/26, please reach out to Nurse Rudy at Roxboro, or call the Heights Wellness center(216)-320-2500 or call/text CHW Niese (216) 339-0242.   And remember- every Roxboro student can be seen at Heights High School any Friday of the school year!”
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