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The Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District believes that effective communications are important to building productive relationships with families, students, staff and community members. The Communications Department is at the heart of this effort, working to actively engage key stakeholders and to support the District’s educational objectives.

CH-UH uses a variety of communication tools to reach its audiences, both digitally and offline. The District recognizes that face-to-face communication is preferable but is not always possible. The District welcomes stakeholders to connect with its schools and its staff however they prefer, be it over the phone, via email, on our website, on social media or in person.

The branding of the CH-UH District and Tiger Nation is important in maintaining consistency and promoting the District as a symbol of pride throughout the community. The Communications Department produces a brand standards style guide with specific instructions on logo usage, colors, fonts, and message consistency.

Customer Service
Friendly and effective customer service is a shared responsibility among all staff throughout the District. The Communications Department champions the effort by providing training and tools for staff members to improve relations with our guests.
CH-UH Customer Service Mission:
Staff will represent our school district with authenticity, kindness, and accountability and provide empathetic customer service to each individual we encounter, every day.
CH-UH Customer Service Philosophy:
All CH-UH staff members are the front line of our school district and will deliver customer service with an awareness of what others may be experiencing and an understanding of how one’s own behavior affects the outcomes of our interactions. We will achieve our customer service mission by working together to create positive experiences for everyone in our schools.

Social Media
CH-UH is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with daily posts to keep followers updated with the latest information and accomplishments. The Communications Department is committed to proactive engagement with its social media followers, providing timely posts and responding to inquiries.
The District records many events throughout the year, including student concerts, programs, athletic events and board meetings. The videos are available on demand at
Our website,, is the primary source of information for the district and its schools. The website is a valuable resource in the district’s effort to provide the most comprehensive and timely information available for families, staff, and community members.

Data-Driven Decisions
The Communications Department is intentional in its strategies, relying on data to drive decision-making. We will continue to monitor available data, both qualitative and quantitative, on a regular basis to determine how we communicate with our families, staff, and community members.
Infinite Campus & Blackboard
Infinite Campus is the official grade book for the District and is also the primary source of contact information for families and staff. Teachers use Infinite Campus to communicate with families.

The Communications Department and building principals use Blackboard to send important District, school, and emergency-related notifications via phone call, text message, and email. Blackboard is updated automatically each night with the staff and family contact information contained in Infinite Campus.
Internal Communications
Proactive engagement with internal staff members is vital to a healthy organization. The Communications Department strives to streamline communications and optimize messaging across the District to achieve the highest impact in keeping staff informed. Staff receive Weekly Updates via email on Fridays, as well as department newsletters.
Media Relations
The Communications Department works closely with the local media to deliver important information and promote positive news. The Supervisor of Communications serves as the official spokesperson for the District when needed, providing transparent and timely responses to media inquiries.
Even in the digital age that we live in, the District understands that hard copies of certain publications are valuable tools in the dissemination of information. The Communications Department balances this importance with sustainability of resources in producing a number of publications throughout the school year. From the wall calendar to the quality profile to flyers in backpacks, the Communications Department works to ensure that whatever is printed adds value to our families and the District’s educational initiatives.

The Communications Department produced a quarterly newsletter, the Update, which is mailed to all households in District boundaries. The Communications Department also partners with the Heights Schools Foundation to produce the semiannual Heights Magazine.
Public Records
To request the viewing of a public record, please visit our Public Records page.   

Contact Us

CH-UH Communications Department
2155 Miramar Blvd.
University Heights, OH 44118
Phone: 216-371-7131


Supervisor of Communications
Nicci Caliph
Confidential Administrative Assistant
Parent & Community Liaison (HHS)
Staff Assistant

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