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Infinite Campus

Update Your Contact Information
In order to receive robocalls and important messages, such as school closings and emergencies, families and staff members are encouraged to check their Infinite Campus account to ensure the correct contact information is on file. 

Infinite CampusInfinite Campus is a secure online tool that CH-UH schools use to track and manage student information. It is the official grade book for the District for all grade levels.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal is an easy-to-use online resource for parents. Through the portal, parents can access their child’s attendance, grades, schedule, test scores, assignments, and report cards. The district also uses the site to collect parents' contact information for important messages.

Watch a brief video tutorial on using Infinite Campus

How do I access the Parent Portal?
Parents, guardians, and students may access the portal by clicking here; or click on the “Infinite Campus Parent Portal” icon on

How do I create a user account?
Parents can fill out this Google Form to request an account. Once the account is created, you will receive a notification via email. 

Or, parents can contact their child’s school office and request an activation key code. This one-time code will allow them to log in to the Parent Portal site. Once logged in, the website will provide step-by-step instructions to guide parents through setting up an account.

How can I get help navigating this system?
For step-by-step directions on how to use the Parent Portal, select “Parent Portal User Guide” to the right.

How can I receive eNewsletters?
Once registered with Infinite Campus Parent Portal, simply click on “Contact Preferences” and enter or change your email address and cell phone number. This will enable you to receive important school and district information, including our very informative electronic communications and automated phone calls. The news includes important school dates, meetings, opportunities, and deadlines.

How can I receive emergency text messages?
Log into the Parent Portal. Select “Family Members" from the left side of the screen and select your name. Click "Update" and enter or change your cell phone number. Click "Send Update."

Once the cell number has been approved, you will receive a text message from BlackBoard asking you to opt in. Once you have opted in, you will receive text alerts sent from the District regarding any emergency communications.

New! Pay Fees and Add Lunch Money using Infinite Campus
Infinite Campus now offers parents a convenient way to pay for school fees or purchase school lunches with either a credit card or bank checking or savings account. There is no charge for this service, and once a payment has been made the money is available immediately for your student to use to purchase school lunches. A minimum of $10.00 per session is required. View the instructions here.

What if I don’t have a computer?
If you do not have Internet or a computer, you can access Infinite Campus Parent Portal at your local library or ask for assistance at your child’s school.
Having trouble with Infinite Campus?
Parents who need assistance with their accounts (resetting passwords) should contact [email protected] for help. For other issues, contact Mary Pigott at 216-320-2042 or [email protected].
Infinite Campus is even easier now
Parents of multiple students are now able to view students one at a time. Navigating between students is made easy with the "Switch Students" button, allowing easy access to each student's information. Data is now accessed using a tabular navigation tree. The tree is divided into three sections: Student, Family, and User Account, making it easier for parents to find the information they wish to view. The formatting and spacing of information on each tab has been improved, making information easier to understand.

The Attendance tab in the Portal has been enhanced to provide multiple options for viewing summaries of attendance data. Attendance data can now be viewed by Course, by Period, by Day, and by Term. For each summary, drill down capabilities have been added so parents can see the details of each attendance event. State Specific Attendance Codes are displayed when viewing Daily Detail Attendance.
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