Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District


Info for Freshmen

College/Life Preparation for Freshmen
  • Develop academic four-year plan using information provided by high school counselors and other sources, i.e. college handbooks, older students, etc.
  • Take challenging academic courses; take at least one Honors/AP course.
  • Get involved in extra-curricular activities.
  • Commit to a volunteer project.
  • Meet with your guidance counselor to review your academic plan.
  • Attend meeting with your parents about your options after high school.
  • Plan worthwhile summer activities - jobs, volunteer work, internships, programs at colleges.
  • Visit the College/Scholarship Zone (located above the Social Room).
  • Read fiction and non-fiction - about topics that interest you.

Student Digital Footprint

When students use Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, they are building a digital footprint that may last a lifetime. A digital footprint is the data trail left digital interactions.

With regards to the web and internet, an important consideration for students is the online persona they create for themselves and its possible implications. The information students share online can be viewed by college admissions officers and future employers.

Students can inform themselves about how to build a positive online footprint while in high school.

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